Kate Moss: The 90s – CR Fashion Book

Becoming famous in the early 1990s, British supermodel Kate Moss turns 48 today. Moss was born on January 16, 1974 in Croydon, a large city in south London. Moss rose to fame after being discovered at New York City’s JFK Airport at the age of 14, appearing in the Calvin Klein ad campaign for their perfume Obsession in 1993. Since then, Moss has appeared in over 300 magazines and has paraded for the best designers from around the world. In addition to her notable career, Moss is famous for her tumultuous party lifestyle, her role in the “heroine chic” fashion trend and the fact that she is only 5’7 “tall.

On his birthday, CR watch Moss in the 90s as he walks the runway, attends glamorous events and poses for iconic photo shoots.


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