Karma Strikes AOC – Bill’s Message of the Day

Karma hits MP Ocasio-Cortez who claims she contracted Covid after going unmasked to Miami. Now, I don’t wish the lady evil, pun intended, but she’s so self-righteous about vaccinations and masks that, apparently, God has had enough.

Alexandria may not believe in God, he seems to be the center of her universe, but annoying Divinity is not a good hobby.

We now know that the Micron can penetrate the vaccine, but the virus is less intense if you are vaccinated. This is what the data shows, however.

But Covid is no longer a fact-based disease. It’s all politics and emotion.

Then get well soon, Mrs. Ocasio-Cortez. And be sure to disguise yourself so you don’t spread the bug to other socialists. But if you see a Republican, sneeze as much as you want.

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