Kanye West Feels Other Women Are a “Distraction” From Kim Kardashian

Although it may seem like both Kanye “Ye” West And Kim Kardashian have moved on, the rapper is still fighting for his marriage.

Just this week, Ye was spotted in Miami with a Puerto Rican artist Audri Nix, including a meeting on January 4, followed by an evening on Broadway with the actress Giulia Volpe in New York in the evening.

Despite the optics, “Kanye didn’t give up on Kim,” a source told E! Exclusive news.

“She is the only one in her heart and believes they are soulmates and will be back together,” the insider shares.

Though he appears to be enjoying their company, the insider says, “The other women he spends time with are a distraction. He likes the attention he gets from them, but that’s all.”

The source added: “Kim is still the only one he really wants to be with.”

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