JUUN.J FW22 Paris Fashion Week Online Runway Collection

Korean designer JUUN.J is ready for domination following the debut of the Fall / Winter 2022 collection. As part of the Paris Fashion Week online offering, the “JUUN.JSET” collection sees the designer’s latest pieces conquer the international airport of Incheon accompanied by Montblanc luggage.

This season, JUUN.J looks to a future of unrestricted travel, drawing influence from the jet-set of the 60s and 70s, “as well as pop-star styles that represent novelty and youth”, to serve mile high clubs. elegance. The result doesn’t immediately scream of aviation, rather the service feels more reminiscent of the moments before boarding your private jet, as it does.

However, this elevated take on comfortable clothing – we’re looking at the extensive use of quilting for the FW22 – is combined with reworked versions of classics like the CWU-8 / P military parka. It’s bigger than ever, accented with larger pockets, wider shoulders and an elongated cut that has become a signature of JUUN.J, while a padded piece underneath (in the shape of a coat or extras like a maxi dress, skirt, jacket MA -1 or hoodies) continue to work the jet-set feel.

The over-dye and blue denim as dot colors inform a palette of black, brown and deep green, which further lend themselves to the overall aviation theme running through the FW22 offering. Check out the campaign in the video and gallery above and expect the collection to launch on the JUUN.J website and at select retailers around the world later this year.

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