Jurgen Klopp: Liverpool manager focused on player performance levels rather than contract situations | Football News

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is more concerned with a player’s current performance levels than with the status of his contract.

In recent weeks, Klopp has had to call in fringe players like Divock Origi, whose contract expires in the summer, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, 18 months to go.

Although they are not considered regular owners, they both played important roles during a spate of injuries and did not let their manager down and he regards this as the most important thing.

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp warned against a so-called automatic switch as the Premier League grapples with the Covid-19 crisis

“It’s about how you play right now and then you’re in the starting lineup – whether your contract expires in two days, four months or five years it makes absolutely no difference,” he said.

“So yes, all important but not because he is happy when he does not start. They are important because he can really contribute when they start or when they come in and that is why they are Liverpool players.

“We don’t have to talk about the potential of these guys or anything, it’s about what makes sense to both sides in six or 18 months or whatever.

But it doesn’t matter at all right now. It’s not just about the two players you’re talking about. We will not be together forever. It is so.

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“If anyone wants to go somewhere else we have to find a solution.

“If we want to find someone from another club, we have to find a solution, but it has nothing to do with now.”

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Klopp: Getting vaccinated is the moral thing to do

Klopp also believes that coronavirus vaccination should be mandatory “from a moral standpoint”.

While the Reds boss accepts that this view is inapplicable, the German, outspoken in his support for the vaccination program, thinks players have a responsibility to follow the vast majority of the population.

Klopp said 99 percent of his team were fully vaccinated and had had – or should have had – their booster shot.

Jurgen Klopp
Klopp also believes that getting vaccinated is a moral obligation

This contrasts sharply with the situation in the English Football League, where a quarter of players said they had no intention of getting punched.

“From a moral point of view it should be mandatory for every person, I think, but it’s not from a legal point of view, if it makes sense,” Klopp said.

“It’s a matter of persuading. If I do something that helps the people around me, it’s mandatory for me, but obviously some people see it differently.

“I’m 54 and I strongly believe you can convince people about the right things to do, but I’m not sure in this specific case.”

The Premier League resists calls for suspension of action

Confirming the postponement of a second Manchester United match, a Premier League statement read: “It is with regret that this is the fourth Premier League match to be postponed in the past week.

“While acknowledging that a number of clubs are experiencing outbreaks of Covid-19, it is the league’s intention to continue its current match schedule wherever possible in safety. The health and well-being of all concerned remain our priority.”

Despite the confirmation of four further postponements on Thursday night, the Premier League added: “The league understands that fans will be disappointed with the postponement of these matches and apologizes for the inconvenience and disruption caused.

“All other matches to be played this weekend are currently scheduled to proceed as planned.”

Covid cancellations: which PL games are disabled?

Brighton-Tottenham – Sunday 12 December

Brentford vs Man Utd – Tuesday, December 14th

Burnley v Watford – Wednesday 15 December

Leicester vs Tottenham – Thursday 16 December

Man Utd vs Brighton – Saturday 18 December

Southampton vs Brentford – Saturday 18 December

Watford vs Crystal Palace – Saturday 18 December

West Ham vs Norwich – Saturday 18 December

Everton-Leicester – Sunday 19 December

What are the Premier League rules on postponements?

The 2021/22 Premier League manual includes the Covid protocols and states that the Premier League board of directors “will only allow the reorganization or postponement of a league game in exceptional circumstances”.

The board makes calls on a case-by-case basis and, as an indication, the Premier League says that authorization for a postponement will not be granted if a club has 14 or more players available on their team roster.

In a statement, the Premier League added that it would “assess a number of factors, including a club’s ability to field a team; the status, severity and potential impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on the club; and the player’s ability to prepare and play the game safely.

“The Board also needs to consider the broader risks to the opposition and other people the club may come into contact with.”

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