Joe Biden’s Gatekeeper, DeSantis Under Fire While Wife Is Ill, and The Hollywood Elite Strap Up! – No Spin News Video

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Tonight’s Report:

  • The dynamic between Joe Biden and his host, Dr. Jill Biden
  • Democrats are starting to panic as there are only 10 months left to midterm and three main factors could cause a major uprising for the GOP
  • Florida Democrats criticize Governor Ron DeSantis for his lack of public appearances as COVID cases soar statewide
  • The latest poll shows Donald Trump as the favorite among running Republicans in 2024
  • The three largest blue states are losing record numbers of residents to red states like Texas and Florida
  • Dallas newspaper publishes report on Senator Ted Cruz’s 13-year-old daughter, who shared her personal feelings about growing up with her father in a TikTok video
  • Personal safety is no longer enough to protect Beverly Hills’ elite from rising crime, as celebrities flock to local gun shops to purchase their own firearms
  • This Day in History, 2001: Hillary Clinton is sworn in in the United States Senate
  • Final consideration: how to manage the latest COVID epidemic

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