Jinger Duggar Calls Out Josh For Being “Exposed as a Hypocrite”

Content Warning: This story is about child pornography.

Jinger Duggar and husband Jeremy Vuolo they are speaking after Josh Duggar was convicted of receiving stolen goods and possession of child pornography material.

Friday 10 December, the first Counting on The reality stars shared a statement on Instagram regarding Josh’s conviction by the jury. “We are saddened by the victims of horrific child abuse. We are also saddened by Josh’s family, his wife and his precious children,” the couple reflected. “We are saddened by the dishonor this has brought to the name of Christ”.

They continued: “Josh claims to be a Christian. When a professing follower of Jesus is exposed as a hypocrite, the response of many will be to challenge the integrity of Jesus himself.”

Jinger and Jeremy, who have drifted away from Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar, they are angry with Josh, they also shared their “gratitude” for the justice that was served. Describing children as “among the most vulnerable” in society, the couple said that “sex trafficking and child abuse” are some “of the most horrific evils imaginable.”

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