Jim Harbaugh predicted Urban Meyer’s Jaguars disaster

Jim saw it coming.

Jim saw it coming.
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Jim Harbaugh has finally won over Urban Meyer.

Two years before Meyer was fired at 1am, only 13 games in his pro career, arguably the NFL’s worst owner, Harbaugh already knew how it would turn out.

“A truly phenomenal record wherever I’ve been. But also, the controversy follows wherever he’s been “, Harbaugh said on Tim Kawakami’s The TK show The Athletic podcast in 2019.

Meyer’s 2-11 record with the Jaguars dented the “record phenomenal” part of Harbaugh’s quote, but nailed the rest. At least 30 players were arrested during his tenure in Florida, and we know he fled the state of Ohio after being caught lying about being a domestic abuse facilitator. while allowing his favorite assistant coach to continue beating his wife. And 2021 was a list of controversial and simple and stupid decisions Meyer did.

And despite all the jokes, memes, and GIFs that Meyer’s firing brought us, the comedy in this situation is that even Meyer himself has accurately detailed the reasons why a football team struggles, just to tick every box in the his list.

But back to Harbaugh and Meyer – and the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry – for a minute. Because not only are Harbaugh and Michigan fans still riding high on victory over the Buckeyes last month, but when you look at the list of all college coaches to try their hand at the NFL, Harbaugh is by far the best he’s ever done. , considering his win rate and the fact that he made it to the Super Bowl.

In 2018, Meyer said it was “time to blow it up,” meaning Michigan. “I think it’s time to really evaluate the culture and dig deep. Something is happening ” He explained.

Fast forward to 2021 and in a few weeks Jim Harbaugh and Michigan will be at the College Football Playoff and Urban Meyer will be home, on his couch, unemployed.

Who needs to evaluate and dig deep now?

Go Blue.


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