Jeopardy’s Amy Schneider Hits $1 Million in 28th Game

It looks like a million dollars and its jackpot is only growing. Danger! competitor Amy Schneider surpassed the $ 1 million mark on Friday, January 7, an episode of the game show.

The Oakland, California resident finished her 28th straight game with $ 1,019,600. Schneider, 42, is the fourth person to ever reach that threshold during the regular season, with solo Ken Jennings, James Holzhauer And Matt Amodio in front of her.

Schneider made history as the longest running and highest earning woman on Jeopardy !. It surpassed the competitor of 2014 Giulia Collins’20 shows performed in late December and wore a sweater to honor Collins’ cozy uniform.

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“Just seeing me on TV is still almost a shock, even though I was there when it all happened,” the Danger! Hall of Famer told AP in an interview on Saturday, Jan.8.

“I thought I could win some games but I didn’t think I could do it well. The other day, my girlfriend mentioned some famous people who went to her high school, and I was thinking, “I know there was someone who went to mine.” I searched for it on Wikipedia and there I am, listed under notable alumni. It was a very strange time to see it.

The Ohio native is also making history as the first transgender woman to qualify for the Tournament of Champions. Schneider noted that she is “many other things too!” However, he is happy to provide trans portrayal in a show loved by all ages, especially older viewers.

“I’ve certainly heard other trans people who have been a little thrilled to see me out there. But one of the things I enjoyed the most was listening to the parents, and sometimes the grandparents, of trans people, an older generation, “she added.” There is a lot of fear for their loved ones who are trans and fear that They may be limited in life Being able to go out there and show that I can be successful in a very traditional way, I think, has made a lot of them feel better about the people in their lives.

After Friday’s episode, the Technical Director is in fourth place among the contestants with the most consecutive wins and among the contestants with the highest winnings during the regular season game. Host Jennings (who is temporarily replacing as the search for the late Alex Trebek’s replacement continues), Amodio and Holzhauer still lead the chart. It ranks fifth for all-time wins, including championships.

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