Jennifer Lopez poses with Ben Affleck name necklace, asks fans for fashion advice

Jennifer Lopez poses with the Ben Affleck name necklace, asks fans for fashion advice

Tinseltown’s latest favorite couple, stars Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck never miss an opportunity to express the affection they have shared since they formalized their relationship.

Recently, the marry me the star, who often shares her glam fashion moments on her social media, displayed her boyfriend Affleck’s name in a romantic way.

Taking his Instagram account, the Cheaters star, released some great photos of her recent look – she was wearing a smart dress with leather accents and in the photos, she was seen wearing a necklace with Ben’s name on it.

J.Lo, 52, asked her millions of fans for quick fashion advice on her latest outfit. “Jacket or without jacket !?”, captioned the post.

While fans showered her post with love and praise, some of them were quick to notice her necklace making her Batman the actor gave her his 52nd birthday, which they celebrated in Saint-Tropez.

The Selena The star was first seen wearing the necklace during a stroll through the streets of Munich as the necklace with the alphabets BEN stood out in the photos of the paparazzi.

J. Lo and Ben, popularly known as “Beniffer”, rekindled their 17-year romance in April after Lopez split from Alex Rodriguez with whom the singer was engaged for two years.

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