Jenna Dewan Fuels Pregnancy Rumors With Christmas Eve Bump Photos

Child n. 3? Jenna Board shared some pictures of her baby bump with the world on Christmas Eve, making fans ask if she’s pregnant with her and her boyfriend Steve Kazeethe second child together.

However, Jenna, 41, was simply sharing memories with her fans when she was expecting baby Callum. In his Instagram carousel post, the Step Up the actress included several photos from the “past of Christmas Eve,” according to her caption. In the first image, the dancer was seen cradling her tummy in front of several Christmas trees, while the second photo included Steve, 46, holding her on his lap in front of a fireplace adorned with stockings and Christmas lights.

In the latest photos, Jenna included daughter Everly Tatum, who she shares with her ex-husband Channing Tatumand Callum Michael Rebel Kazee, who Jenna shares with Steve. Both little ones wore red festive clothes.

“That first photo made me think I was pregnant now!” one Instagram user wrote in a comment, while others seemed to believe the same, as one fan wrote: “So pregnant in high heels. Merry Christmas.” However, one commentator was not convinced, as he brazenly pointed out, “Here come the ‘are you pregnant’ questions.”

This wasn’t the first time fans were confused by one of Jenna’s posts. Thanksgiving, the first day Supergirl star did the same thing by uploading a photo carousel with Steve. In the first photo, he was holding her baby bump as they smiled in front of the camera.

“Happy Thanksgiving!” Jenna wrote via Instagram on Nov.25. “I love looking back at old photos from past Thanksgiving. Being home with my love, my girls, my family, lots of laughs. Thankful for it all.”

At the time, fans freaked out at the first image and thought it was a pregnancy announcement before reading Jenna’s caption.

“I saw the first picture and thought ‘what am I missing’ then I read the caption!” a social media user wrote in the comments. Some others were sad that she wasn’t expecting another baby, as one commented, “Damn, I was hoping for another cute baby! Happy Thanksgiving!”

Even though Steve and Jenna aren’t expecting another baby just yet, they are still happy to celebrate the holiday season together. After divorcing Channing, 41, Jenna began dating Steve in late 2018 after the two were spotted making out at a Halloween party. A year later, the couple confirmed that they were expecting their first child together. In early 2020, Jenna and Steve got engaged.

Unfortunately, the couple chose to keep their marriage plans due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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