Jason Oppenheim Reveals ‘Selling Sunset’ Behind-the-Scenes Secrets

How it really is! while faithful For sale Sunset fans only see part of the career and personal lives of Oppenheim Group agents in the Netflix series, Jason Oppenheim is opening up some behind-the-scenes secrets, including whether or not they’re all in the office together.

“Every single person [in the office] it doesn’t happen often, it’s usually just subsets of people, “said Oppenheim Group co-founder, 44, exclusively. Us Weekly in November. “[Because], you know, the chances of every single woman not doing a show or a list or an open house or working from home or something is – about, like, 15 people – is pretty unlikely, but sometimes. I’m probably more in the office, and then it’s just, you know, Maria [Fitzgerald] And Chrishell [Stause], Emma [Hernan] And Nicole [Young], which isn’t on the show, but I’m here a lot, and so it totally varies. My brothers [Brett Oppenheim] in.”

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The former University of California, Berkeley student also noted that despite being surrounded by strong women on the Netflix series, he also works with many other male agents. (One of which, Peter Cornell, made headlines earlier this month later We revealed that he dated both of them Christine Quinn and the founder of Emma Leigh & Co, 30 years old.)

“There are more female agents in the office than male agents, but there are male agents,” Jason explained to We. “And then in the Orange County office, it’s probably like 50/50. So, I think you’ll see more of a mix of genres in Orange County. “

Not only does the California-based real estate agency have a wide range of employees, but the former attorney couldn’t help but praise everyone’s work ethic.

“I mean, Mary works really hard, sometimes, like, too hard on small deals,” Jason revealed. “I’m like, ‘take it easy.’ Chrishell works really hard. Yes, I’d say Mary, Chrishell and Emma. But I mean, I can’t categorize it all [team]. … I’m not surprised how well [Emma] done [as a show newcomer], but I’m very happy with how she performed in front of the camera [and] out of the camera. I mean, she’s a really impressive woman. “

The fourth season of the reality series, which premiered on the streaming platform in November, introduced Oppenheim associates to two new hires: Hernan and Vanessa Villela. While most of the OG stars were quick to embrace newbies, the Massachusetts native soon found herself embroiled in a feud with the How to be a boss whore author, 33, after realizing that the couple had both had a love affair with the same man.

“To some extent it came to my attention,” Jason previously admitted We who was aware of the drama among women prior to recording season 4. “It wasn’t a complete surprise to me, either [woman’s] respective opinions and stories about that whole situation. It wasn’t a complete surprise to me, but I definitely learned a few things from watching the show actually. “

To find out more cast secrets, including who Jason would trust as a broker on his behalf and if any parts of the show are scripted, check out the video above!

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