Janelle Brown Celebrates Christmas With Kids Amid Kody Drama

Don’t follow the protocol? Sisters Wives star Janelle Brown her husband may have ignored the strict rules, Brown codes, put in place amid the coronavirus pandemic to have her children with her for Christmas.

“I had almost all of my kids home for Christmas,” Janelle, 52, captioned a photo of her along with five of her six children with Kody, 52.

The couple’s children, Logan, soccer player, Garrison And Gabriel, as well as their daughter Savannah, they spent the holidays with their mum. Kody and Janelle’s eldest daughter Madison was not present.

Janelle Brown / Instagram

The happy holiday reunion appears to come after the family patriarch, who has 18 children in all, outlined the rules to help the family stay safe during the pandemic during the Dec. 26 episode. Kody informed his wives that if they didn’t follow his rules, which Janelle dubbed the “10 Billion Commandments of Kody”, he would not visit their families.

One of these rules prohibited visitors who did not live in the home, including children who did not live in the home. While Meri Brown And Robyn Brown it didn’t matter to follow the rules if it meant that Kody was going to visit them, both Janelle and Christine Brown, who announced that he left Kody in November, felt the guidelines had gone too far.

Many of their older children agreed.

“I’m tired of this,” Gabriel, 20, said in a tense teaser clip from January 2, episode of Sisters Wives, shared by Hollywood life, where Janelle and her children are trying to organize their vacation plans. “[His rules are] literally ruining our family. ”

“Dad can do his thing and we will do ours,” he added.

In the clip, Janelle realized that there was a standoff between Kody and their children.

“I mean, my kids, my kids and Kody, are in these very opposite fields and there’s no give and take,” Janelle said. “It’s just about talking, talking, talking, trying to convince. … That’s all. I’ve been trying for nine months to get us to find some sort of middle ground, and there’s nothing to be done on either side. “

As for Christine, 49, she previously threatened to “leave” Kody in the December 26 episode if she didn’t allow the family to be together for the holidays. She has since moved from Arizona to Utah.

“I like my independence. Really, “Christine said in Us Weekly‘S exclusive preview of the episode on Sunday 2 January. “When Kody is around, it’s fine. However, we have a tendency to have more fun when he’s not there. “

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