Jake Paul confirms $500k bonus for Tyron Woodley if he wins by knockout ahead of this weekend’s rematch | Boxing News

Jake Paul has offered Tyron Woodley an extra $ 500,000 if he wins the rematch by knockout as the YouTuber angrily dismissed claims about his first win.

The social media star defeated Woodley by split decision in August to preserve his unbeaten record and will face the former UFC champion again in Saturday’s return match in Tampa.

Woodley replaced Tommy Fury, who withdrew from this weekend’s fight against Paul due to a severe chest infection and a broken rib.

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Jake Paul says he may never fight Tommy Fury who dropped out of this weekend’s bout

“You know, I’ve only been thinking about myself,” said Paul. “It’s funny how these pros like Tommy Fury, who is considered a professional boxer, get sick, break a rib and don’t want to fight.

“I fought bad, I fought hurt. You have to go there and get the job done, and then they say, ‘You have Tyron Woodley now.’

“No problem. That’s why I’m wearing a balaclava. They’ll give me a big bag to go beat the boy I’ve already beaten. This is a bank robbery.”

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Watch Jake Paul’s first knockout win

Paul confirmed that Woodley will receive an additional $ 500,000 for a knockout win, in response to rumors that his opponent was not allowed to produce an stoppage win.

“Up the ante, it shows there is no knockout clause,” said Paul.

“The fact that people think that, they’re idiots and I’m willing to bet on it. That’s all.”

Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley
Woodley revealed why he didn’t chase a stoppage in the fourth round

Woodley stunned Paul in the fourth round of their first fight, but admitted he was wary of the YouTuber-turned-boxer threat.

“Jake showed in his fights, you look at Nate Robinson’s fight, you also look when he knocked out Ben Askren, he wasn’t really looking at them at the time,” Woodley said.

“They walked forward, it looked like it was going to unload on Ben’s body and then it got to the top.

“Nate ran inside and rushed into his right hand.

“You have to respect the power. I’m not going to sit here and act like he doesn’t have power. He has power and I have power. That’s why you guys want to watch this fight again.”

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