Jacksonville GM Trent Baalke sets his sights in Vic Fangio as DC

Vic Fangio is reportedly ready for a second job without even being fired from his first one, yet.

Vic Fangio is reportedly ready for a second job without even being fired from his first one, yet.
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Typically, when it comes to an interest in hiring you as a coordinator before you even get fired as a head coach, it’s a sign that you are seen as a good football mind. It could also be a sign that the team you are about to be fired from should rethink things. C.you’re almost in demand, and maybe you can still be the person who changes things where you are, with some off-season fixes that aren’t completely cleaning the house.

Or, perhaps, the talk is that the Jacksonville Jaguars clown shoes I want to hire you. Well, perhaps not the jaguars, but their “unpopular” and “besieged” – as described CBS Sports writer and principal writer Jason La Canfora respectively – managing director, Trent Baalke.

“Jaguars GM Trent Baalke, a big supporter of Bill O’Brien, proposes to pair him with Vic Fangio as DC” is definitely a combination of words, one that really suggests that Baalke should be leaving Jacksonville. Of course, why Baalke is employed to run an NFL team in the first place is a valid question, but one that’s answered fairly easily: Iare the jaguars.

At least as a defensive coordinator, Fangio would not be able to make a decision as he did on Saturday, kicking a field goal in the fourth and 9 with 4:41 left in the fourth quarter to cut Denver’s lead against Kansas City by four points. The Broncos have never touched the ball again, lost 28-24, the 13th straight win for Kansas City in the rivalry and possibly the end of Fangio’s three-year tenure with a 19-30 record and no playoff appearances.

As for his resume leading a defense, Fangio chaired elite units in Chicago and San Francisco (where he worked for Baalke, natch), but also brutally bad units in Indianapolis and Houston.

Dan Quinn has had a resurgence as a defensive coordinator with the Cowboys after establishing himself as head coach of the Falcons, so it’s not like considering Fangio for a coordinator job right after an unsuccessful period of coaching the Broncos is madness. But it’s also a decision Baalke shouldn’t make, and more importantly a decision Baalke shouldn’t make based on the phone numbers he personally has.

The long goodbye

The problem with the announcement before the season being your last is that everyone knows. Then, Jim Larrañaga and the Miami Hurricanes showed up at the Cameron Indoor Stadium knowing it was the last time they saw Mike Krzyzewski on the Duke bench there.

And now everyone knows that Manager K lost his last home game against Miami.

Miami is 13-3 and leads the ACC with a 5-0 conference record and nine streak wins in total. Maybe the Larrañaga hurricanes should be classified?


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