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The world’s largest virtual reality gathering for the fashion community concluded earlier this month, giving guests a glimpse of what the industry’s future could look like.

This year’s Circular Fashion Summit, hosted by the Lablaco blockchain-enabled circular fashion platform, was held in the metaverse, a digital twin of the historic Grand Palais Éphémère in Paris, December 9-12. It brought together industry stakeholders from around the world to experience the virtual realm of fashion. Isko was a corporate partner of the event, joining the likes of Kering, Vogue, Paris Fashion Week and a number of innovation partners including Spinnova, FibreTrace and Renewcell.

The Turkish denim manufacturer took the opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to circularity through an immersive experience powered by virtual reality. In collaboration with the London-based Institute of Digital Fashion (IoDF), Isko developed a VR art installation that guided guests through the processes of transforming textile waste into new fashion. Through the program, guests were also able to dress their avatars with a range of virtual fashion pieces, including an Isko-designed denim jacket with an all-over branding motif.

The manufacturer outlined its circularity offerings, centered around its R-Two fabrics that combine reused and recycled materials to help close the production cycle. R-Two fabrics are made from materials derived from Isko’s production loss, which is tracked, traced and has Content Claim Standard (CCS) certification. The reused cotton is then blended with recycled polyester derived from PET bottles. Depending on the content, the fabrics may have the Recycled Claim Standard (RSC) certification or the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification. The process is fully tracked, documented and verified by Isko’s yarn supplier, Sanko.

Isko was one of many companies that demonstrated their digitization and circularity efforts. The event’s theme of “redesign of society” inspired discussions on inclusivity through design, the IoT and the role of digital twins, and showed “impact designers” who have developed innovations in line with these topics.

Circular Fashion Summit 2021 brought together industry stakeholders around the world to experience the virtual realm of fashion.

Isko’s immersive experience.

The event also honored Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili, a designer with a penchant for using recycled vegan fabrics; Untitlab, a brand that favors vegetable fibers; Joao Maraschin, known for recycled materials; Tombogo, an emerging designer who has reused bubble wrap from shipping packages as insulation for duvets; Miss Sohee, who develops zero-waste models; Against Medical Advice, a sustainable brand founded by a nurse turned stylist; Auroboros, which fuses science and technology with physical haute couture and exclusively digital prêt-à-porter; Grace Ling, a brand focused on 3D technology / printing, CAD and CGI; Nouse Etudions, a brand that uses biodegradable materials; and Tokyo James, a label that combines traditional British and Nigerian craftsmanship and benefits disadvantaged communities.

The Circular Fashion Summit was originally scheduled for October 1-4, but was moved to December after Facebook-owned virtual reality headset maker Oculus issued a recall of 4 million Oculus Quest 2 headsets, a piece of equipment crucial to the conference, as it was held largely in the Spin metaverse, accessible via headphones.

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