Isabel Rock’s Baby Mateo Inherited Her ‘Scrunched Forehead’

Like mother like son! Small people, big world alum Jacob Roloffis the wife, Isabella rock, says his newborn son, Mateo, inherited his “forehead”.

“A really cool and beautiful thing about being a parent and loving your child unconditionally is seeing pieces of yourself in them,” she wrote on Instagram Stories on Tuesday, Dec. 21. “And those pieces, you also learn to love. For example, Mateo has the forehead of my family.”

Admitting that it “looks weird”, Isabel added that Mateo “makes this nice crumpled brow, and it looks like mine” and that his cute expression “gets me every time”.

“Growing up, I always hated and was aware of my forehead,” he revealed. “Which sounds silly now, but I hated being so wrinkled when I made certain expressions and I always had bangs to cover it.”

“Now, I look at Mateo’s sweet face and I love that he had such an animated face from my side of the family,” he continued, before finishing his note, “Just a wonderful thing, create a human and let them melt. your heart in so many ways. “

Isabel’s comment on Mateo’s forehead comes after she opened up about wanting another baby with her husband Jacob, 24, during an Instagram Q&A session she held on Friday.

“It’s really a difficult experience but also a very magical one,” she advised a fan who was reticent about the pregnancy and scared of the process. “If you are terrified, ask yourself why. Write down all the reasons. I was afraid too. Fear of getting sick, all changes. But now I miss it and can’t wait to do it again. It is a unique experience for every person who manages to walk it. Only do it if your heart truly feels called to do it [red heart emoji]. “

Isabel gave birth to Mateo on December 6, before finally letting fans know that their baby is arriving on December 11. “Mateo Tomás is here and he is perfect. He came a week ago on December 4th at 12:40 am, “Isabel wrote, telling her followers in her Instagram caption that welcoming Mateo to the world” didn’t go as planned. ”

Isabel was frank about her pregnancy down the road, including how Mateo had to spend time in the NICU after her birth.

She also discussed why she and Jacob chose the name Mateo for their little one. “Truly, I fell in love with the name Mateo many years ago,” she wrote in the caption of a photo of a Christmas ornament with her son’s name on it. “I’ve always liked how it flows, no matter who pronounces it. One day I told Jacob that I loved the name of a future child, and he said he liked him too. “

Isabel said the moniker “also happens to honor Jacob’s father, since it’s the Spanish version of the name Matthew”.

“We searched and found that the name Mateo means ‘gift of God’ or ‘gift of God’. Which is incredibly suitable for our boy, who is a gift to so many in so many ways. “

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