Is there a Kansas City Chiefs curse?

This might sound like a good idea in theory, but it could spell disaster for any team playing for the Chiefs.
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Just a few months ago, seeing the Kansas City Chiefs at the top of the AFC rankings would have been unthinkable, considering they were 3-4 and had just lost 24 points to the Tennessee Titans. Well, with two weeks left in the regular season, the Chiefs have won eight straight games and regained the top seed of the AFC rankings. It’s not about the Chiefs, though. It’s about the four teams that defeated the Chiefs earlier this season and the consequences that followed.

During the first seven weeks of the season, the Baltimore Ravens, the Los Angeles Chargers, the Buffalo Bills, and the Tennessee Titans (in that order) beat all the Chiefs. While those teams were probably jumping for joy and feeling ecstatic over having just defeated the two-time reigning AFC champions, they had no idea what grisly fate awaited them. In the weeks that followed, each team ended up losing to one of the worst teams in the league (at the time).

The first to suffer this fate worse than death were the Bills. Just four weeks after winning against Patrick Mahomes and his cheerful men with a score of 38-20, the Bills lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars, giving then-coach Urban Meyer his second win of the season. The Jags haven’t won a single game since and Meyer has been fired. Scientists are still unsure whether the loss of Bills is due to the universe punishing the Bills for beating the bosses or to ManningCast curse, who saw Josh Allen make an appearance on the show the week before. As we all know, any player who makes an appearance in the ManningCast is doomed lose their next game.

The following week, the Baltimore Ravens, who had beaten the Chiefs 36-35 in the second week of the season and were at the top of AFC North at 6-2, they lost their Thursday night bout to the Miami Dolphins 2-7. They didn’t just lose. They smoked 22-10. Although the Dolphins have grown into a much better team since then, having won seven consecutive games to move up to 8-7 in the season, but at the time the Dolphins were widely regarded as one of the worst teams in the league. Their only victories of the season before this game had been against the New England Patriots (before they started) and the Houston Texans (more on them in a moment). This Dolphins-Ravens game would it will surely be a win for Baltimore. It was obvious, yet the Chiefs found a way to take revenge, as they watched the Ravens humiliated on a national stage.

Eleven days later, the curse knocked on Tennessee. The Titans had already lost to the Jets earlier in the season, but this was before they crushed Kansas City 27-3 and clearly not a embarrassment for the Titans to endure. The Titans, who had won six straight games since being defeated by the Jets, were defeated soundly by Tyrod Taylor and the Houston Texans 22-13. To be fair, the Titans were without Derrick Henry for this game, but still, any loss for the wretched Texans is hard to defend. Have the Texans improved since then? Maybe, but they’re clearly not a good team yet.

The curse subsided after this three-week period. The only team left were the Los Angeles Chargers, but they didn’t have terrible teams on their schedule. After beating the Chiefs, the Chargers again faced Raiders, Browns, Ravens, Patriots, Eagles, Vikings, Steelers, Broncos, Bengals, Giants and Chiefs. I might see an argument that the Giants are a terrible team, and they clearly are, but for some reason the Giants (4-11) don’t have the same aura of “terrible” surrounding them that the Houston Texans (4-11) do. . Despite both teams having the same record and Texans having stronger wins on their schedule, many NFL fans still consider Texans worse than Big Blue, so the Chiefs curse waited a few more weeks to embarrass the Chargers, and it was the worst embarrassment of all of them.

Led by rookie quarterback Davis Mills, the Texans amassed 41 points over the Chargers, two points less than the team had scored in their last three games combined. This was the most points the Texans had scored in one game all season and they have played against the Jaguars twice. Rex Burkhead, a former past to the Patriots and Bengals between 2013 and 2020, set a career record of 149 yards out of 22 attempts at 31. That’s from Burkhead highest total of yards ran on a single game of his career … 30 yards. Like we knew the Chargers’ race defense had holes in it, but to be carried behind the shed and beaten by Burkhead? This is a whole new level of shame. Burkhead had only run 100 yards once before, and that was a long time ago New Year in 2017.

I’m not the first person to discover this trend. Indeed, this trend was brought to attention following TikToker’s Week 11 defeat of the Titans to Houston. @thedrewallen_. He had predicted a Texan victory over the Chargers on December 26 and, on George’s part, it had come true.

The implications of this curse are enormous. Does this mean that if an AFC team defeats the Chiefs in the playoffs, they will lose the following week? The Chiefs still have two playoff contending teams remaining on their schedule (the Bengals and the Broncos), which means those teams – try as they can to help their playoff placement – are doomed to lose one of their next three games. , whether it’s against the Chiefs or the team they face next week? Perhaps the Chiefs should reach their third consecutive Super Bowl this season. Perhaps the curse doesn’t apply to the playoffs because Texans, Jets, Giants, Lions, and Jaguars won’t participate. However, this is only a theory. We can’t be sure and it’s better to be safe than sorry when dealing with the supernatural.

Fortunately, there are no games played after the Super Bowl, so there’s no reason to fear if you’re a fan of an NFC team in this season’s playoffs. If you’re in AFC, though, you’d better hope you don’t run into Kansas City in the playoffs. Better yet, pray to meet the team that eliminated the Chiefs the previous week. It would be the best scenario. If you see Reid, Mahomes, Kelce, Hill and Mathieu on your schedule, you better start burning incense and lighting lavender scented candles wherever you go because there is clearly a curse going on and it has yet to be broken.


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