Is Emily Good at Her Job in Emily in Paris? Vote Now!

Yup, Emily in Paris it’s filled with love triangles, bold fashion, quotable jokes and Like this lots of caps, but don’t forget what the show is about: an American expat moving to Paris for work.

And while there has been some confusion about Emily Cooper’s age in the past, the fact remains that the Chicago transplant is boasted as something of a marketing prodigy. However, having graduated from Marketing Communications, I wonder if Miss Emily (played by the brilliant Lily Collins) deserves this praise.

It’s safe to say that Emily has had as many losses as she has won during her tenure at French marketing firm Savoir. For example, at the end of the first season, Sylvie (Philippines Leroy-Beaulieu) fired Emily for shaking the trust of major client Pierre Cadault. And that wasn’t Emily’s last hiccup, as in Season 2, Savoir’s rookie once again shocked Pierre by making his archenemy pose with his product prototype.

For example, I took a business communication course and I also know it was done badly. If Pierre were such an important customer, you would know 100% who his enemy is. Oh, and you wouldn’t dare let the rival saying debut with an ongoing collaboration.

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