Iowa offense botches short QB sneak attempt in disastrous fashion

Paul Harvey | 6 hours ago

It was just that kind of start for Iowa and Hawkeye’s attack in the Vrbo Citrus Bowl.

The first half left a lot to be desired with the Hawkeyes scoring just 3 points and 2 turnovers with Spencer Petras leading the attack. It was such a bad performance that it sparked a storm of reactions to OC Brian Ferentz on social media.

Things improved a bit after half-time with the attack entering the Kentucky red zone. Unfortunately, the attack lost points after a disastrous 4th down play.

The call was for a QB who anticipated the count to 4th-and-short, but never took off. Petras swung the snap and fell to the ground in the backfield. He eventually got the ball back but never gained ground when Iowa rounded it around the 10-yard line.

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