Inside Charlotte Dawson’s weight loss journey from three takeaways a day to dropping 4st

Charlotte Dawson managed to transform her health and lost four stones in the meantime.

The reality star was told her weight put her in danger of “dying like her father” Les Dawson, who died of a heart attack if she didn’t make serious changes to her lifestyle.

While the 29-year-old won legions of fans after showing off her belly fat rolls and talking about her love of chips and gravy, her lighthearted demeanor would have cost her more than a few more bounties.

The doctor warned one’s mom that her blood sugar was so high that she would even end up with type II diabetes if she didn’t adjust her diet and exercise regimen.

Charlotte had previously struggled with gestational diabetes, which affects one in 20 pregnant women, making her even more determined to make the necessary changes.

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Charlotte Dawson transformed her figure

Speaking to Fabulous, she explained: “When I ate Noah, I was so excited to eat bad food again and went back to having Nutella for breakfast, a chippy for lunch and Chinese for dinner.

“I would take extra, extra large portions of fish and chips with two portions of gravy, mushy peas and a sausage on the side.

“It’s not normal, but I was breastfeeding and you need food. If I was hangovered, I ate three takeaways a day, like McDonald’s for breakfast, KFC for lunch, and chips for dinner.

Charlotte insisted her "I really liked my beautiful beautiful" before reviewing his lifestyle
Charlotte was famous for her “belleh” before her lifestyle overhauled

“But in June I started feeling a little lightheaded, so I went to the doctor and when I got the diabetes alarm, I burst into tears.”

Charlotte tried hitting the gym but found the process monotonous and time-consuming, especially as Noah’s 11-month-old mom.

“I didn’t want to go on the cross-trainer for two hours. Plus I’m a new mom, so I didn’t have time, “she explained.

Charlotte Dawson showed off her four stone weight loss in a before and after comparison video
Charlotte Dawson showed her four stone weight loss

Charlotte turned to fitness trainer Emma Teitelbaum instead, who taught her several fitness routines via Zoom.

With the routines of just 15 minutes each, Charlotte was able to adjust them to Noah’s nap time.

He then revised his diet with the help of nutritionist Jo Travers.

Charlotte says, “She ordered my diet with foods that don’t raise my blood sugars. I still eat the meals I love, like spaghetti Bolognese, but the portions are much smaller, so I can stay within 1,500 calories, “says Charlotte.

The lifestyle changes paid off and it quickly became a routine she managed to keep without sacrificing the occasional treat.

Charlotte says, “I haven’t changed who I am. Exercise fits my lifestyle. Obviously, the food has changed, but I honestly love it. I still love my prosecco and fish and chips, but now I have it as a weekend gift.

Charlotte Dawson seen arriving at the Rosso restaurant for the Julie Perry Events benefit lunch
Charlotte Dawson recently arrived at the Red Restaurant

“Now the doctors have given me the green light, which is great.”

The star is now eager to help others lose weight by launching her online fitness platform called Chazza’s Belleh Blaster.

He insists, “This has nothing to do with making money or how many plans I sell, this is to raise awareness of diabetes.”

Chazza’s Belleh Blaster online fitness platform is available now, priced at £ 39.99 for a three-month program (


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