If your holiday season was dampened by your favorite NFL team, buck up, 2022 just might return some holiday cheer

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The Bears’ problem isn’t a lack of talent. Their biggest problem in 2020 was play on the offensive line. As bad as that unit played, people still questioned tackles Bobby Massie and Charles Leno Jr. signing elsewhere in the offseason. With two games remaining in 2021, it’s clear that Larry Borom, the first pick of the end-of-round draft, can keep one of those tackle points, even though manager Matt Nagy has decided not to start it upon his return from the COVID roster. Sunday. Had it not been sidelined due to injury for much of this season, the Bears’ pass protection would have been much better.

In addition, their prized rookie attacking tackle Tevin Jenkins has played in their last two games. If he’s about to move from college right tackle to NFL left tackle, there’s still a lot to learn to do, but the fact that he’s on the pitch in December 2021 following back surgery in August 2021 is a great sign. .

The Bears are great at running back, have excellent speed with wide receiver and their defense has fought against injuries – including a season finale to Khalil Mack – along with a three-year transition into the secondary to remain a defensive unit. almost average. With nothing to play for on Sunday, and third-string quarterback Nick Foles as starter, the Bears ended the Seattle Seahawks’ low playoff hopes on an unusually snowy day in the Pacific Northwest.

As difficult as the Bears have been this season, a significant improvement is possible next season. Some changes are needed on the offensive line and on the defensive backfield, but what will decide the immediate future of this team is what happens with the leadership positions.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports that Bears manager Matt Nagy’s future with the organization is serious doubt, and the fan base is completely through with him. The Bears’ number 1 priority this offseason should be to find a manager who can maximize the talents of quarterback rookie Justin Fields.

The former Ohio State star has shown flashes of brilliance, but even though he’s a supreme athlete, he needs to make much faster decisions on the pitch. There is nothing wrong with that. Slow decision making was a criticism collected on Tom Brady as a rookie from his quarterback coach with the Patriots. However, when Brady finally took over in 2001, they put him into a system that gave him the best chance to succeed.

The Bears have a good chance of winning an NFC North in 2022 that may not include Aaron Rodgers, but that can’t happen with the way the team and staff are currently built. A new manager is a must so the Bears have a chance to throw a 2001 New England Patriots and put their young quarterback in the best possible situation to be successful so his mental clock can speed up and give the team the best chance of it. win.


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