Huishan Zhang Pre-Fall 2022 Collection

Huishan Zhang is arming his young clients with a wardrobe chock full of couture-inspired dresses for when the world really opens up: ready bows. These are women having fun. Not only do they have a keen eye for high fashion details, which Zhang says he has honed, but they want an individual touch on their evening gowns. Therefore, before fall 2022, Zhang paired feather-trimmed tweed dresses with combat boots and confectionery tulle dresses with latex sports headbands.

“Clothing is inseparable from the wearer,” said Zhang, who is clearly feeding on his customers’ enthusiasm for this new era of “mix and match” fashion. “He’s channeling a new energy and creating a modern look of his own.”

The future looks particularly bright for this determined Zhang fan, with touches of lilac, blue and yellow permeating the montage. Denim also lends coolness to evening silhouettes, while crystal-stained shirts are enhanced by several sweaters of the same sparkling type.

The lookbook’s dramatic poses evoke 1940s Hollywood glamor: “a model looks like she’s about to sing,” commented Zhang. The awards season is tentatively starting and you can easily imagine famous designers looking for this brand for dresses that serve up the drama. Zhang, who is doubling his skill, wants to make the most of it.


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