How Much Money She Makes

It’s a no-brainer why Jennifer Garner She’s America’s sweetheart – she’s an excellent actress, a lovely mom, and she loves to show her goofy side on Instagram, but her net worth is the icing on the cake. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jennifer is worth a whopping $ 80 million. Meanwhile, Jen’s ex-husband Ben Affleck earn a little more since it’s worth $ 150 million. Even if Hollywood stars aren’t together anymore, it’s safe to say they don’t look bad in the money department.

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Jennifer Garner started in a TV movie

The brunette beauty – who shares Violet, Seraphina and Samuel, with Ben – first appeared in the television movie, Zoya, in 1995. In 2001, Jen had her big success Alias, which ran until 2006. When the show first premiered, the mom-of-three was earning $ 40,000 per episode, but in the finale, she was earning $ 150,000 per episode, The Daily Mail reported.

Since then, the Texas native has appeared in many films including 13 in progress 30, Elektra, Juno, Dallas Buyers Club, Love, Simone and many others. Jen also took home various awards for her performances including a Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Award, People’s Choice Award and Teen Choice Award for Alias.

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Jennifer Garner has other endeavors

Furthermore, the Peppermint the star collects money from sponsorships. In 2010, Jen was a spokesperson for Neutrogena and in 2014 she was one for Capital One. The starlet was also in commercials for CoverGirl.

Jennifer has also owned the production company, Vandalia Films, since 2006, which produced the 2012 film called Butter.

How do you spend your money?

Jen is a philanthropist and an ambassador for Save the Children, a non-profit organization that works with children to improve their lives through education, healthcare, among other things. From this, it is clear that he devotes his money to good causes.

Jen and Ben’s former home in Pacific Palisades, California was worth $ 31.95 million, but Jen bought a small house in Brentwood for her and her children after their divorce, which cost about $ 7.9 million. However, in February, it was revealed that Jen was also renting a mansion in Pacific Palisades – which sold for $ 13.86 million – while waiting for her home to finish with construction.

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