How Kate Middleton’s fashion choices prove she’s just like us

Kate Middleton always kept her best step forward whenever she showed up in public.

The Duchess of Cambridge is known for being a stylish presence wherever she goes and part of that includes the mishmash of high-end and budget pieces.

In her most recent appearance she received praise from royal expert Daniela Elser after the Duchess sported earrings that cost just £ 7.

Elser, while writing in a column for the New Zealand Herald, said the move was a nod to his “normal” upbringing.

She wrote: “Whenever Kate wears something like these Accessorize earrings, they serve to remind her that she hasn’t lost touch with her common roots.”

“She may be well on her way to becoming the next Princess of Wales, but the message such fashion choices like those earrings carry is that her royal status hasn’t irrevocably changed her as a person. It’s a powerful and cunning message.”

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