How Kate Middleton Is Preparing for Her Life as Queen

One that comes with Rather strong promotion.

Seen for years in certain circles such as Prince WilliamThe sweet and kind college sweetheart who set her sights on the young royal long before they crossed paths in their freshman dormitory has long since eliminated that tired narrative.

More than a decade after he officially accepted his position, he has more than proved his worth as a royal senior, skillfully filling the void left by Prince Harry And Meghan MarkleThe swift departure and carving out her space in the areas of early education, child development and mental health awareness, proving she is ready to embrace the role that awaits her.

Describing the duchess, who will celebrate her 40th birthday on January 9, a source said People, “If he needs to step up, he does, and always has.”

If that means juggling a heavier workload – the responsibilities of representing the royalty’s future now rest largely on her slender shoulders – as they home school George, 8 and Charlotte, 6, and chase the 3-year-old. Prince Louis, consider it managed.

“She is an adoring mother and is contributing publicly in the way we would like her to,” a royal family source said. People. “You see it more and more. The young student has transformed into our future queen.”

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