How Chris Noth Reacted to Big’s Death on ‘And Just Like That’

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A short return. Chris Noth played Sex and citys Mr. Big for six seasons and two films, but only lasted one episode of the revival That’s it. He wasn’t initially thrilled to come back just to die.

Showrunner Michael Patrick King said Us Weekly and other reporters on 67-year-old Noth’s reaction to the camp. “[I asked,] “Do you want to go in and die?” And then he said, ‘Sure, no, who does he want?’ ”The executive producer, also 67, recalled in an interview on Friday, December 11.

Fortunately, the Doctor who alum was open to discussing it and realized he liked the story that Big’s death would unleash. “We started talking about the character and what it would mean,” said King. “Then Chris and I worked a lot, and it was a thrill because he has a great instinct, a great instinct for history.”

The first episode of That’s it – which premiered Thursday, December 9 on HBO Max – reprized with Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Big seemingly happier than ever with all the drama of SATC far behind them. The two shared many laughs, and it was clear that they were still deeply in love. After a change of plans, they decided not to spend the night together. The advice columnist went to a recital while Big stayed home to smoke a cigar and work out. She had a heart attack after an intense bike ride and Carrie arrived home moments before her husband stopped breathing. He died in the arms of his wife.

Nothing was the key to inventing Big’s dramatic death. “Together, what we came up with is exactly how he left and why he left and how he was going to go and what their last moments would be,” the showrunner revealed.

The Good wife the actor is also credited with designing Big and Carrie’s sweet final swap. As she was about to walk out the door, she asked her husband what he was looking at. “I’m just looking at you,” he said softly.

“It was Chris. This is pure Chris. He just wanted that, ”King said of the fainting moment.

While initially caught up in the idea of ​​killing Big, Noth ultimately agreed completely.

“Chris was really happy with the collaboration, and we are both very happy with the bold and daring choice to have Mr. Big come back and leave,” the That’s it said the creator.

In a brief appearance on Sirius XM’s Radio Andy Friday, the Law and order alum reacted briefly to the shocking conclusion of the first episode: “It was wonderful, but I can’t talk about it”.

King, however, didn’t mind telling reporters that Noth was very supportive of the story and even showed up on set on a day he wasn’t working to keep the deadly twist hidden.

“He even put on a suit and came to the funeral show while we were recording,” King revealed. “I wrote a fake scene and he and Sarah Jessica wore costumes. He said, ‘Do you really want me to put makeup on and go down and shoot an imaginary scene at my funeral?’ I say, ‘Yes.’ Because I really wanted the audience to be as surprised as possible before we did, and that was one of the red herrings we put into the mix. He’s great, and he’s great on the show. I mean, if you’re going to die, this is the episode to die in. “

That’s it airs the new episodes Thursday on HBO Max.

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