How Can Blockchain Shape the Fashion Industry?

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The world of technology is an ever-changing landscape. It is a dominant factor in changing attitudes towards business, and as the rise of blockchain continues to make waves, the fashion industry has also begun to succumb to its influence. Fashion brand signed Faith connection I am one of the first to adopt Web3 technologies in retail, design and apparel manufacturing. Early 2022 will mark their metaverse debut offering via their upcoming NFT collaborative project, “Tribe of faith”And native token, Faith Tribe Coin ($ FTRB).

Both industries share cultural aspects

Digital fashion consumption has increased since the rise of social media, with platforms such as Instagram being a huge factor contributing to its popularity. Stepping into the metaverse and NFTs has direct appeal to users of those platforms: Gen Z and Millennials, who are one of the fastest growing consumer demographics in luxury fashion. Faith Connexion’s pre-existing collaborative culture will fit in hand with the NFT scene. As NFT projects are largely decentralized in nature, bringing two worlds together through Faith Connexion’s new blockchain-based project should set a trend and send a message that community and collaboration are the way forward for fashion industry. The new generation is poised for a world where on-demand luxury apparel production is led by multiple collaborators, rather than a creative director.

An NFT platform where fashion is coined

This could be achieved through Faith Connexion’s blockchain-based creative platform, Faith Tribe. It will serve the purpose of streamlining communication between Faith Connexion-approved users, designers and artists, as well as providing easier access to production-scale clothing customization. First, users will begin the design process by selecting a design template from their archive of thousands of people as the basis for their garment design. Next, the design is coined in NFT, where users can set a fixed price or auction and set up a royalty fee for any secondary market sale. All transactions on Faith Tribe’s NFT Marketplace will also be made using $ FTRB. Some users will want their designs to be physically produced and a luxury fashion market will host these items for sale. Others will simply appreciate the ability to create digital-only fashion NFTs and connect with like-minded creators. Those who choose to pursue the physical manufacturing path will have access to 3 options: produce garments only for themselves, hold a limited production presale, or have a permanent production.

Blockchain, fashion and e-commerce work together

Great innovations like these arise thanks to good networking and business relationships. Faith Connexion’s partnerships in the fashion-tech sector have given birth to Faith Tribe as an e-commerce tool, facilitating their access to the 3D design, personalization, e-commerce and on-demand solutions necessary to power the platform. . For example with platform and longtime partner of Faith Connexion, which provides a made-to-order solution (MTO) that allows consumers to purchase customizable products. They provide large-scale mass customization, production on demand, and digital collections across industries, as well as digital-only goods.

Blockchain will strengthen the fashion industry

The arrival of Faith Tribe will begin to align the methodology of a space responsible for the entry of the world into the era of the Web3 with that of the world of fashion. Faith Connexion plans to launch their metaverse project in January and recently announced the upcoming platform and native token al Art Basel in Miami. By harnessing the power of creative collaborative effort, blockchain will strengthen the fashion industry with a digital infrastructure that will prepare it to engage and empower the next generation of creative talent.

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