Houston Rockets suspend Christian Wood, Kevin Porter Jr. for insubordinate behaviour | NBA News

The Houston Rockets suspended guard Kevin Porter Jr. and striker Christian Wood for Monday’s game against Philadelphia for behavior damaging to the team.

Wood is Houston’s top scorer, averaging 16.8 points per game this season. Both he and Porter missed the second half of Saturday’s defeat to the Denver Nuggets.

Rockets manager Stephen Silas said Monday that Porter had a “lively debate” and “lost his temper” at half-time, “to the point where I thought about what would be best for the team and best for ours. culture as a group, and just by making sure everyone is on the same page, I thought it would be better if he was suspended for today’s match. “

Athletic and other media reported that Porter and Wood were called at half-time by assistant coach John Lucas.

Wood did not start the match and only played eight minutes before being put on the bench.

“We had a disagreement regarding his return to the game in the second half, and I decided it would be better for the team to suspend him,” said Silas. “It is very related to the responsibility of all members of our team. My job is to hold people accountable for their actions and not overreact at all, but react appropriately.”

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Highlights from the Houston Rockets’ voyage against the Philadelphia 76ers in week 12 of the NBA.

With Monday’s 133-113 defeat to the 76ers, the Rockets hold the worst Western Conference record with 10-28.

Porter is 21, plays for his second NBA team and has a checkered past. Porter was arrested on gun and marijuana possession charges in November 2020 following a car accident, but the charges were dropped. Porter’s career with the Cavs basically ended a year ago when he was upset that the team had given their locker room space to newly acquired striker Taurean Prince and reportedly had a heated verbal confrontation. with the general manager of Cleveland.

“It’s emotional,” Silas said. “He’s a competitor. He’s a good guy. He admits his mistakes when he makes them and tries not to make them again. That’s pretty much all you can ask of a guy. Yes, we put a lot into him. We knew he had a past.” before we come here. But we hold everyone accountable for what they do. He’s crossed the line and will come back. And we will love him again. “

Both players are expected to return to Washington on Wednesday.

“One thing about disputes, you always come out with a better understanding of each,” Silas said. “With what happened, hopefully everyone will grow from it.”

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