Hilary Duff’s Husband Claps Back Over Daughter’s Car Seat Controversy

Matteo Koma is responding to criticism online after a video of her e Hilary Duffthe 3 year old daughter Banks– who apparently caught the baby in the back of a vehicle without a car seat – sparked controversy.

On January 3, Hilary’s Minor co-star Molly Bernard, who also doubles as Banks’ godmother, shared a video of herself riding alongside the baby in the back seat, with her parents in the front seats, on Instagram. The video appeared to capture Banks riding without being fully buckled with a seat belt or without the use of a car seat.

After the clip was uploaded, some fans commented with safety concerns for the child, with a follower, writing, “I love you all, but Banks not in a car seat breaks my heart CPST.” Another added, “Risk of danger to children. California law requires children to have an infant car seat or booster seat depending on age / height and weight.” However, as some users have pointed out, as the video only shows from the waist up, the presence of a car seat could be a possibility.

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