#HerGameToo: Everton become first Premier League club to pledge formal support behind campaign | Football News

Everton became the first Premier League club to pledge their formal support behind #HerGameToo, which aims to raise awareness of sexist abuse in football.

The club also reaffirmed its commitment to making both Goodison Park and Walton Hall Park, home of Everton Women, safe environments for all fans.

This includes a zero tolerance policy against harassment and all forms of sexual abuse.

The announcement comes on an important day for women’s football, as Boxing Day coincides with the 101st anniversary of Dick’s, Kerr Ladies’ rendezvous at Goodison Park which drew a crowd of over 53,000 – the largest attendance at a women’s match in this country for more than 90 years.

At Everton there is a zero tolerance policy towards sexism, abuse and other forms of discrimination

In the months following that historic match, women’s teams were gradually banned and the Football Association (FA) eventually banned women’s football in December 1921.

Kim Healey, director of People, Culture and Workplace Wellbeing at Everton, said: “We are delighted to support Her Game as well.

“Everton is still playing a key role in women’s football, as Everton Women is the only WSL club to play in a purpose-built football stadium.

“In addition to supporting Her Game Too campaigns as part of our All Together Now initiative, we will also be working with girls and our Fan Forum in 2022 on a number of projects that aim to challenge and make people think about their behaviors. and the attitude towards women in football “.

Founded by 12 football fans, #HerGameToo is committed to promoting an ethics in the game in which women are equally welcomed and respected.

The nonprofit organization launched in May 2021, with a promotional film trending on social media in preparation for the FA Cup final and garnering more than 1 million views.

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Everton wants to make both Walton Hall Park and Goodison Park safe environments to watch football without abuse

Lucy Ford, co-founder of #HerGameToo, added: “This is an important milestone for us and our campaign to have an Everton-sized club supporting us.

“Everton and the Premier League have a global following and this collaboration offers us a broader platform to help us address some of the broader problems of sexism in the game.

“Having Everton on board only adds to the rich tapestry of clubs we have at our side and we have been grateful for the support of all the professional and non-professional clubs that have come on board so far.

“We are now looking forward to working with Everton and their supporters to create some thoughtful content with the club and fans.”

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