Here’s what to wear on christmas day according to the GQ fashion team

Christmas is going to be a small affair this year, so I’m going to bring a little drama to the record with a somewhat ridiculous statement. My favorite weapon is this teal beauty with buttons from Bottega Veneta. Like wearing a wide band of extra-soft sea foam, I’ll pair it with my new pair of Issey Miyake Homme Plissé tweed winter pants and a Santa hat if I feel like it.

William Gilchrist, fashion designer

Bragard Apron, £ 35,

In Italy there is a saying: ‘Christmas with your family, New Year’s Eve with whoever you want’ – Christmas with I yours, New Year with whoever you want. This Christmas, like almost every past holiday period, will be spent with my mother. Wherever I am in the world, I make sure I arrive on the 24th, so that I can fulfill my duties as a personal chef on the 25th. In recent years I have been promoted by sous, so the items I know I will wear or have with me this Christmas they are my trusty apron and kitchen knife. Whether it’s a goose, a duck, a deer or a good fish, I’ll have to keep the cashmere covered while I take care of the blade. I tend to always travel with a good kitchen knife if I stay somewhere for a few days. Whatever is happening out there in the world – and so much is happening – I will always make sure my apron and blade are ready on the 24th.

Victorinox Knife, £ 120,


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