Her Murder, Brian Laundrie’s Death

The FBI tweeted Monday that it “is executing a court-authorized search warrant today at Laundrie’s North Port, Florida residence relating to the investigation into Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito.”

They added: “No further details can be given as this is an active and ongoing investigation.”

The remains are confirmed to be from Gabby, her way of dying considered “murder”.

The FBI sent a statement on Tuesday, September 21, stating that the body being investigated by Teton County Medical Examiner Dr. Brent Blue was “confirmed” to be the remains “of Gabrielle Venora Petito, born March 19, 1999.” . While his cause of death remains pending until the final autopsy results are released, the FBI added that “Coroner Blue’s initial determination for the modality of death is murder.”

Brian Laundrie apparently shared the social media posts prior to Petito’s disappearance

Laundrie apparently shared a series of disturbing posts on Pinterest prior to the disappearance of his girlfriend. The account, which has not been verified but features images of Petito modeling face masks for her line, “Bizzare Designs”, and shares the same name as Laundrie’s Instagram handle, includes posts from more pictures from different covers HG Wells’ iconic sci-fi horror story, The invisible manand posts that read “the opposite of lost”. Read more here.

Laundry was also seen reading the novel Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer in an August vlog. The book follows four women as they venture into Area X, a place known for disappearances, suicides and more.

Laundrie saw “Fighting With the Hostess” at Wyoming Restaurant

August 27 an eyewitness claims that Laundrie was “fighting with the hostess” and was kicked out of a Jackson, Wyoming, Merry Piglets restaurant. The event occurred two weeks before Petito was reported missing. The witness, Nina Celie, described it as “the explosion of a situation” between Laundrie and Petito and that she and her boyfriend had spoken to the authorities.

The woman claims that following the incident, Petito was out “crying” while Laundrie “came back four more times to talk to the manager and to berate the landlady.” He described Laundrie’s behavior as “angry” and “relentless”. Celie said Petito was back in the restaurant and “just apologized.”

Arrest warrant issued for Brian Laundrie

An arrest warrant has been issued for Laundrie by the United States Wyoming District Court on Thursday, September 23, two days after Petito’s death was confirmed by a medical examiner. The warrant, issued by the FBI, was not for the murder of Petito, but for an alleged violation of the “Fraud and related activities relating to access devices” statute of the US code, in particular for “anyone who knowingly and with the intent to defraud produces, uses or traffics in one or more counterfeit access devices”.

An access device may refer to “any card, license plate, code, account number or other means of access to the account that can be used, alone or in combination with another access device, to obtain money, goods, services. or anything else of value, or that can be used to initiate a transfer of funds (other than a transfer originating solely from a paper instrument), ”according to United States v. Jenkins-Watts.

Two women come forward to claim that they picked up Brian Laundrie while they were hitchhiking

Two the women claim to have picked up Laundrie while he was hitchhiking, two days after Petito was last seen. The first woman, Miranda Baker, shared on TikTok that she picked up Laundrie at Grand Teton National Park on August 29, four days after Petito’s last Instagram post, leaving him near the Jackson Dam. The second woman, Norma Jean Jalovec, picked him up in the same area and left him at the entrance to the Spread Creek dispersed campground area, where Petito’s remains were found.

Petito’s family holds an open service

Friday 24th September Joseph “Joe” Petito, the victim’s father, tweeted that services for Petito would be open to public Sunday 26 September.

“Instead of flowers for the service, send donations to the Future Gabby Petito Foundation through the Johnny Mac Foundation”, Petito’s father tweeted. “We thank you for all the support.”

Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman joins the search for Brian Laundrie

Reality star Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman joined the search for Laundrie. Chapman has arrived at Laundrie’s house, which he shared with his parents Christopher “Chris” Laundrie And Roberta Laundry, and knocked on the door.

“I thought, well, dad will see me and collapse. I know the boy knows me. [He’s] probably one of my fans. So, I thought dad would answer and talk, ”Chapman said Fox 13 Tampa in an interview released on September 26. “But I was very insistent without disturbing the peace and I knocked a couple of times so they saw it was me. And I didn’t play bad and put a copy of the warrant on the front door. None of this. I was very respectful. And dad can still contact me through social media. Let’s get the boy alive. I live.”

The Laundrie family attorney, Steven Bertolino, said In contact in a statement that Laundrie’s parents did not know where their son was at the time and were concerned.

North Port / AP / Shutterstock Police Department

The expert claims that Laundrie is unable to survive on the Carlton Reservation in Florida

According to Alan McEwen, a local expert on the area where Laundrie is allegedly hiding, it’s … the keen hiker is unlikely to have survived the conditions of the Carlton Reserve.

“You can’t survive out here, I don’t know how to say it” Alan McEwen, a cattle rancher, said Fox News in an interview published on Sunday 26 September. “No buzzards, no bodies is my theory.”

Released audio recordings show dispatchers alerted police that laundry “hit” Petito before traffic stopped.

Prior to the couple’s traffic arrest in August due to a domestic violence incident in Moab, Utah, dispatchers told police that Laundrie would “hit” Petito.

“RP [reporting party] claims that a male hit a female, “a receptionist told police officers in audio obtained from Fox 13 Monday 27 September, then communicating the license plate number to them. “Domestic. He got into a white Ford Transit van. It has a black ladder in the back. Florida plate. The female who was shot, both male and female, got into the van and headed north.”

A responding officer wrote that “no one reported that the male hit the female”, continuing to describe the incident “more accurately as a mental attack. [or] ‘breakdown’ of emotional health compared to a domestic assault ”.

Gabby Petito's family gets their memory tattooed after death
John Minchillo / AP / Shutterstock

On September 28, Petito’s mother and stepfather Nicole e Jim Schmidt, as well as his father and stepmother, Joseph “Joe” Petito e Tara Petito, joined in a united front during the first time they have addressed the public since his death was confirmed.

Nicole burst into tears when she revealed that she believed her late daughter had sent her “signs” of his disappearance. All four of her parents and stepfathers also unveiled their tribute tattoos, choosing to inked all the pieces Petito had designed for herself. The Petito and Schmidt family lawyer, Richard Benson Stafford, also addressed Laundrie for the first time since her disappearance. “Brian, we’re asking you to turn yourself into the FBI,” Stafford said.

A man with the @notbrianlaundrie TikTok handle went viral after posting a “duet” on September 28 with another TikTok user who claimed to have spotted Laundrie at a concert recently in San Diego. In the video of the sighting, the TikToker paned into a crowd to zoom in on @notbrianlaundrie, mistaking him for the missing Long Island native.

“I’d just like to silence all these rumors,” @notbrianlaundrie said in her response to the video. In a follow-up on TikTok, @notbrianlaundrie asked followers, “If you have any advice on how not to be attacked or accused of being this guy, get me.”

In a statement a People On October 1, the Laundrie family’s attorney, Steve Bertolino, shared an update on Laundrie’s parents amid their son’s disappearance. “They are worried,” said Bertolino, “but they hope he will be found alive”. Even his family at the time believed that Laundrie could have still been somewhere in Florida.

“Mama bear is getting mad!” Nicole posted in her first tweet on Saturday, October 2, addressing Laundrie in her message. “Delivered! @josephpetito agrees. #justiceforgabby #americasdaughter. “

Joseph also told people to speak up if they are fighting domestic violence in their own homes. “We have to do better,” he wrote via Instagram on Monday 4 October. “The changes are coming. Now is the time. Don’t be silent. “

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