Hello 2022! Hockey Opens the New Year in Upset Fashion

TEMPE, Arizona – The Arizona State men’s ice hockey team kicked off in 2022 after stunning No. 9 Cornell University with a surprise 5-2 at the Oceanside Ice Arena on Saturday night. The ASU delivered the Big Red in the second defeat of the season. The New Years win was ASU’s first top-10 win since defeating No. 8 Clarkson in January 2020, and tonight’s five goals were the most scored against Cornell of all season.

“It was a good team victory,” said the head coach Greg Powers. “From top to bottom, I thought everyone played well, and we made the big saves when we needed them Cole Brady, and that has settled us, and the boys have played very well the last two periods. “

The Sun Devils (11-10-0) scored Brady against Cornell (9-2-1). The second year he gave up an opening goal in the first, but was close to the lights out the rest of the course. Brady scored 31 saves as his bout scored five goals to power the Sun Devils beyond Big Red.

After a quiet first half of the first period, Cornell hit the scoreboard at 10:23 am to give them the opening lead in the game. In the first, the Sun Devils were perfect on the PK (1-1) and kept pace despite being eliminated 14-9. Brady made 13 saves and his defense helped him block six more shots.

The second period began in a similar fashion with a relatively quiet first half, until when Colin Theisen returned the favor to Big Red with his breakaway goal at 7:22 in the second to tie the match, good for his 26th point of the season (13G-12A).

The ASU had their first power play of the match with 3:54 remaining in the second period after Cornell was pitted for waiting, but the nation’s 11th-best kill squad lived up to the hype. and kept the game even. Chris Grando he joined in the fun and made Cornell’s doorman pay for emptying the cage. His unassisted goal slipped past two defenders and found the back of the net empty to take ASU 2-1 in the lead at the second interval.

Matthew Kopperud proved he doesn’t just score PPG by scoring an even strength goal on his resume to extend the lead to two. Cornell’s six-on-five goal in the final minutes was too little too late for two goals into an empty net by Jack Becker And Sean Dhooghe gave the Sun Devils much needed cushion, scoring a 5-2 win over Sun Devil.

Josh Doan debuted its number change of 94 on Friday night. He will wear the number 94 for the remainder of the season in honor of the late Matt Shott.

First period
10:23 Cornell (0-1): ASU had a first minute of PK in the first period after Koumontzis was called for high sticking, and after nearly 10 minutes of inactivity, Cornell was on the scoreboard first.

Second period
7:22 ASU (1-1): Colin Theisen finds the bottom of the net thanks to a turnover from Cornell that he stole in the neutral zone. Theisen took the puck across the breakway and tied the game one each.
19:26 ASU (2-1): After Cornell’s goalkeeper chases the puck to the top of the circle, Chris Grando he beat him and made Cornell pay. He was able to poke the puck through two defenders and into the net for Sun Devil’s goal and 2-1 lead.

Third period
07:30 ASU (3-1): Matthew Kopperud opened the scoring in the third with his 12th goal of the season with an assist from Demetrios Koumontzis And Sean Dhooghe.
18:36 Cornell (3-2): With a six-to-five lead, Cornell pulled in one with just over a minute left.
18:58 ASU (4-2): by Jack Becker the empty-net goal from the clutch came 20 seconds after Cornell’s score to give the ASU some breathing room.
19:58: ASU (5-2): Sean Dhooghe called empty net game of his just two seconds from the end of the regulation.

NEXT: The ASU will finish their home series against Cornell tomorrow, January 2 at 7:05 PM MST at Oceanside. After finishing their home game, the team will leave for the East Coast for two games against Boston University on January 7-8.


Cole Brady
At the beginning:
“It was nice to be back in the winning column. The boys played great and we deserve it.”

How does it feel to play after the break:
“I think we’ve had a really good week in training and arrived well prepared. It’s always nice to come back and feel refreshed. It’s a long season and I think everyone is happy to be back and excited to play again.”

Chris Grando:
On the success of his line:
“I think when we are relentless on early control like this, we are very effective and I thought tonight it proved itself.”

Matthew Kopperud:
On the start of the new year with one goal:
“It definitely helps. I don’t think about scoring goals, I just try to play hard and intensely. I thought our side was working really hard the whole game and I was lucky enough to get one.

Powers of the manager:
When the circuit breaker is overturned after the first period:
“It was impressive. The one we just played was a really good team and we will have to be even better tomorrow if we want to win. I thought we had a good first period, I didn’t mind our first half … They took a backdoor goal . It was what it was. It was a good team win. From top to bottom, I thought everyone had played well, and we had the big saves when we needed them from Cole (Brady) and it worked out us and the guys have played very well the last two periods “.

On the performance of the third period:
“That’s how you close the games. I don’t think there was a person in the building, especially on our bench, who thought he was going to score because of how the boys were playing. But they just took down the discs and the bodies. There and there. I got a bad one.We were arguing if it mattered, but it is what it is and the guys got over it.

On the improvement of the PP despite the absence of PPG:
“We only had one chance there, and there are some things we can clean up about it, but they look. We have to push the discs, but they look. If we want to run like we all think we can, we know we can, so we’ll have to make it work. “

On the importance of playing with an edge:
“It’s huge. It was just a play of effort from Chris (Grando) and he was working really hard in that second period. It was nice to see him being rewarded. It was just a straight play and it gave us a lot of energy and energy. a lot of confidence in the third place ahead “.

On the importance of winning at Oceanside:
“We know how good we are here. We are hard to beat here. We are 9-4 now, with a win tomorrow we would go to 10-4 at home and reset, and then we are on the road for 10 days with four big games to play. Now it is everything for tomorrow. We receive them tomorrow and we are well under way. “

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