HBCU Fashion Rankings Week 12/20-12/26

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Fashion and flexing have always been an important part of black culture. The HBCU community is no exception to this cultural staple.

Everyone tries to let off steam and there’s a lot of pride in looking your best on and around campus. So we decided to give these students and pupils their props to introduce themselves and show off.

Courtesy of HBCU drip, Each week we will highlight five people with the hardest IV on campus. Those people will act as “representatives” for their institution and this will dictate the school’s place in the HBCU Fashion rankings.

This week’s HBCU fashion charts feature a few looks that make you want to update your wardrobe. These HBCU alumni and students continue to bring warmth every week and this week was no exception. Let’s take a look at which schools made up the HBCU fashion rankings this week.

5. Bowie State

Bowie State is making its presence known on the HBCU fashion chart by claiming fifth place this week. @hennddrixx was dating Raf Simons look. The Telfar bag is really what makes the whole look united.

4. View of the prairie

The details in this look are what makes it perfect from @ karri6_. I particularly love the glasses in this look. They give the fit a personal touch that works well. Shout out to her for getting Prairie View on this week’s HBCU fashion chart.

3. South Texas

Usually, we don’t bring out a lot of Greek organization-inspired fits, but @semajarieeel made such a strong step with these Delta pants that I had no choice but to give Texas Southern third place on the HBCU fashion chart. I love the style of those pants and the way he let the pants become the main attraction of the outfit.

2. Spelman

This look from @ m.wilkersonn was done really well. The green and brown color combination with the plaid jacket gave a really pretty aesthetic. This outfit was one of the cleanest looks this week, which is why Spelman is taking second place.

1. Lincoln

Lincoln is taking the top spot on this week’s HBCU fashion chart due to this fit by @ _kenb0. The tan and red color combination with the plaid jacket really works wonders with this fit. Shout out to him for putting Lincoln at the top of this week’s HBCU fashion chart.


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