Hainan Fashion Week: Chinese designers present their Spring/Summer collections – Society & Culture

Sanya / China /, December 13 / TASS /. Chinese fashion brands presented their spring-summer collections at Hainan International Fashion Week 2021 in Sanya. The Hainan Daily reported that the show was held on the beach of a Hainan resort.

A young brand called DRAMAHAUS Theater showed images on the runway, united by the theme “Drama Girls Vacation”. The collection presented by the brand uses light and bright spring and summer colors, as well as soft and elegant materials, including silk. They even used gas.

The theme of the Dafang Taifar show was called “Hiding on an Island”. The brand showed a minimalist style, united by the concept of the unity of man and nature. According to the magazine, the company seeks to increase the life cycle of its product through design, choice of materials and the manufacturing process.

Hainan Fashion Week organizers hope to “take advantage of Sanya’s geographic location to attract more domestic and foreign brands to launch new products here in the winter,” the newspaper said.

Prominent designers, critics and other high fashion specialists, as well as representatives of luxury brand promotion companies, came to Sanya for cultural events. The city will host six fashion shows from 11 to 15 December.

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