Gucci Plans Fashion Show in May – WWD

MILAN – Gucci is planning not one but two collections in the first half of the year.

While confirming its coed show will take place during Milan Fashion Week next month, the Italian brand has earmarked May 16 for another men’s and women’s show to be held in Europe. The location has not been determined yet and the name of the collection is still under wraps.

Last November, discussing his recognition by the British Fashion Council with the Trailblazer Award, creative director Alessandro Michele told WWD that Gucci was eyeing two additional runway shows, in late spring and in September.

While brands traditionally show their cruise or resort collections during the months of May and June, Michele in 2020 decided to abandon “the worn-out ritual of seasonalities and shows to regain a new cadence, closer to my expressive call.”

Forgoing “inherited vocabulary terms that were born in other moments,” Michele conceived new names for Gucci’s collections, inspired by the music world. “I felt the need to change names of the shows. I want to use words and terms borrowed from classical music, which offer the possibility of opening new horizons, ”he said.

In July of that year, Gucci presented what would have traditionally been called a cruise collection, but Michele renamed Epilogue, explaining at the time that he wanted to “overturn things” and present a story with the people from his office instead of models, a project that included a 12-hour livestream.

Last April, the designer staged the Aria show, which celebrated the brand’s centenary and introduced the Balenciaga hacker project. This was followed in November by the Love Parade collection in Los Angeles, which paid tribute to Hollywood and the world of movies.

The brand’s last show during Milan Fashion Week dates back to February 2020 to present the fall 2020 women’s collection.

The designer’s career spans over some 26 years, and before taking on his current role in 2015, there were “rigid rules that never changed” in fashion when it came to presenting the collections, he said in November.

During the pandemic, change became “necessary when we were all in silence, imprisoned at home, discovering a different life, and I felt nature calling,” Michele said.

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