Gucci Ad Draws Flak for Using Tigers, Carole Baskin from Netflix Show Slams Fashion Brand

Animal rights activist Carole Baskin opposed the latest campaign by Italian luxury fashion brand Gucci that featured tigers. The brand is facing backlash for using real tigers in its latest campaign celebrating the “Chinese Year of the Tigers” which begins February 1st. Carole, who founded “Big Cat Rescue,” told Yahoo News: “This type of advertising campaign sends the worst possible message; which is that tigers are disposable products to be used for capitalism and to be discarded at will.” He also wanted to know who the cat supplier was and added that anyone in the audience would be amazed at how poor cats were used for profit.

Carole founded Big Cat Rescue, a nonprofit animal sanctuary based in Florida. She became famous after appearing in the Netflix documentary titled “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness”.

Several Instagram users started expressing their dismay at using real tigers for the photo shoot. The animal rights organization, World Animal Protection, also expressed concern over the use of tigers in the latest campaign. ‘Gucci Tiger’, presents “a large section of prêt-à-porter and accessories, with various interpretations of the animal”.

Here is the post:

The fashion brand also claimed that the tigers were captured in a “safe environment”. According to the Times of India, an animal welfare third party @americanhumane monitored the set and gave a green signal that “no animals were harmed”.

Several Instagram users have also criticized the fashion house for using tigers. They said: “It’s not okay to have wild animals in advertising”, one comment said that tigers belong in the wild, not in captivity, so as not to be used to sell fashion, another said that “wild animals belong in the wild. and should not be used for entertainment and media. “

Many other animal welfare organizations, including PETA, have also urged their followers to “tell them to STOP using wild animals in their advertisements!”

World Animal Protection US wrote on their official Twitter page: “Gucci is sending the wrong message by promoting tigers as pets and luxury items when they are wild animals that belong to the wild.”

However, Gucci said that the style of the fashion brand is of nature and wild animals. He said he joined the Lion Share Fund, an initiative that raises funds to protect endangered species in their natural habitat.

The use of wild animals in several expensive fashion brands has been a controversial issue. Last year, a couple from Dubai used a tiger in a gender stunt that created outrage on several microblogging sites.

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