Gordon Ramsay Gives Brutal Thoughts on Daughter’s “Pathetic” Boyfriend

This guy might as well be a contender on The kitchen of hell, because the feedback from Gordon Ramsay it was hard.

The famous chef did it not holding back when she reveals her true thoughts about her daughter’s boyfriend during an appearance on Kelly Clarkson’s show Wednesday 5th January.

“I’m so mean sometimes,” Gordon said when asked how he handles his kids’ dating life. “I just want the girls to be looked after and to take care of each other.”

Noting that he is “anxious” about it, he confessed that he “did something really bad” recently when his daughter Megan, 23, started seeing her ex boyfriend, Byron, still.

“It was fine at first,” said Gordon, before describing it as “a little wet”. She added: “You want a man to go out with your daughter, and he was just a little pathetic.”

Kelly began to laugh at her candor. “Byron is peeing in his pants somewhere,” joked the talk show host.

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