Gogglebox fans grossed out as they spot Giles and Mary’s dirty-looking armchair

Googlebox fans have branded Giles Wood and Mary Killen’s chair as “lousy” after the return of the hit Channel 4 show.

In the opening scene of the couple segment on Gogglebox, a piano is heard playing as Mary sings in the background as the camera looks at the couple’s two empty seats.

With the couple, who have been on the show since 2015, not sitting in their chairs as they usually do, viewers noticed how one of the chairs Giles usually sits on looked particularly dirty.

Gogglebox fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts, with one person writing, “Someone can send Giles and Mary some chair cleaner. They look lousy.”

A Gogglebox viewer described Giles and Mary’s chair as “lousy”

Another said, “Giles ‘chair might be fine with a steam clean,” as someone else wrote: “Giles’ chair needs a scrub.”

Someone else tweeted: “Hope Giles gets a new chair for Christmas, tbh.”

A Gogglebox viewer even offered to buy Giles a new chair if he didn’t.

They said, “If Giles doesn’t buy a new chair to replace his worn, once blue and dirty one, I’ll buy him a new one myself.”

Giles and Mary made their debut with Gogglebox in 2015
Giles and Mary made their debut with Gogglebox in 2015

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Despite having dirty chairs, Giles and Mary are still undeniably a fan favorite and overjoyed with a photos of themselves in the 90s .

In the photo, Mary has her eyes closed as she lovingly puts one hand on Giles’ leg while the other holds his hand. He has seen her wearing what appears to be a straw hat, along with a bold black and white printed tee and black pants.

Giles sits next to his wife and, while one hand holds his, the other holds a glass of wine. He wears a blue polo shirt, paired with a brightly colored hat and rubber boots.

Giles shared a photo of him and Mary from 1990
Giles shared a photo of him and Mary from 1990

Gogglebox isn’t the only thing the couple does: Mary is an author and columnist, while Giles is an artist. His work ranges from detailed interiors, elegant homes and landscapes.

Summarizing his work on his website, Giles said: “I like the contemplative aspect: sitting in a room for several days, watching the light change.

“There are as many changes as in a landscape. I always work with oils because they give more depth. The finished painting should offer a vision of the painter as well as of the subject”.

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