Get affordable, stylish men’s fashion at Refresh Clothing in Ensley

Stop by Update Clothing. (Throw Davis / Bham now)

Calling all the men in Birmingham. Are you looking to update your wardrobe with more elegant clothes? In today’s Small Business Monday feature, I’ll show you why Refresh Clothing in Ensley is a great place to grab some gold pieces and how it has become.

Meet owner Corey Bishop

Owner of Refresh Clothing, Corey Bishop. (Throw Davis / Bham now)

Birmingham has its fair share of menswear boutiques in town and Refresh Clothing is the one that is taking Ensley by storm. Refresh Clothing is an affordable men’s boutique offering stylish streetwear and clothing that will make you look and feel refreshed. The clothing found in the boutique is similar to the style of its owner, Corey Bishop.

Bishop decided to sell clothes after he was unable to find clothes that matched his style and budget. In 2004, he packed his car with merchandise and started driving in different neighborhoods matching people with the pieces that best suited their style.

Five Points West is where it generated the most revenue. After careful preparation and planning, Third Avenue West became the home of her first store in 2005, then moved to Five Points West Shopping City in 2013.

Build a bond with your community

Check out this mural by local artist Norris Wood. (Throw Davis / Bham now)

Knowing his clients’ styles also allowed him to get to know his clients. Bishop gives classes in the shop that are open to the community. They discuss the importance of being grounded in whatever you are pursuing as well as in your community through a mural located in the back of the store.

“It’s like when Hurricane Katrina hit. Many trees were bent (leaned) to the ground but did not break because they were deeply rooted. Those same trees were able to go back up and continue growing later. Those who have not been captured and are gone “.

Corey Bishop, owner, Refresh clothing

Dress up later!

freshen clothes in Ensley
Are you looking for a graphic hoodie? (Throw Davis / Bham now)

Refresh Clothing staff go out of their way to ensure that every customer has a great experience every time they shop. The staff, along with Bishop, serve as a personal stylist for those who may not know what they are looking for or for those who are ready to try a new look.

After your successful shopping experience, Bishop and his team stood out “Get dressed later” will make you plan your next visit internally. Here are some styles currently offered by Refresh Clothing:

You can follow Update Clothing on social media to keep up with new styles and inventory.

What’s next?

corey bishop, Ensley
Subsequently, the service station. (Throw Davis / Bham now)

Bishop’s next adventure is what he calls The Serving Station. The Service Station will offer:

  • Food
  • Italian ice
  • Vintage car for dining
  • Seating on the roof
  • Retail shop

He has his sights set on opening the concept near Birmingham Crossplex between Bessemer Road and Avenue X.

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