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34. Kaycee Sogard

Kaycee Sogard

Screenshot: Kaycee Sogard

It takes a special kind of idiot to move to a new city with a high-profile husband, and then use their social media to take pictures of that city, all while expecting the new city to embrace their family. This is more or less the turn that Kaycee Sogard, wife of then Chicago Cub Eric Sogard, decided to make while Derek Chauvin was on trial for the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Here’s a tweet she proudly enjoyed, out in the open for the whole world to see:

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Screenshot: Twitter

Apparently shocked that the citizens of Chicago acknowledged her approval of the tweet for the racist dog whistle it was, she was immediately outraged and blamed everyone else for. “Misunderstanding it,When in reality the problem was that people understood all too well.

Predictably, Kaycee is also a cheeky anti-vaccine, which actually saw her adapt beautifully to Chicago’s North Side team, one of the least vaccinated teams in baseball. And for as long as Kaycee revealed her extremely negative and uninformed views to us, her husband hit a measly 0.249 with a base rate of 0.283. Not that there has ever been a time when racism and misinformation are acceptable, but he sure can’t read a room.

Both Kaycee and her husband were designated for office in late July, and a good release from a city that deserves so much more than the racist, anti-vaxxer wives chirping from the family section.


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