Furry Fashion on Runway in Pinellas Park

Designer Tailor Sallee’s Pomeranian, Lolly, will model and walk the runway as part of ‘Puppy Love: The Pet Fashion Show’ at Studios at 5663.
Tailor Sallee

Expect Sustainable Fashion, Decked-Out Dogs and a Pink Pig on the Runway

Tampa Bay sustainable fashion designer Tailor Sallee knows reusable tops. She knows upcycled dresses.

Pot-bellied pig couture, on the other hand, she’s still perfecting.

Puppy Love: The Pet Fashion Show is a runway-style show featuring adopted pet alumni from Pet Pal Animal Shelter. Each pet will dress head to toe in upcycled fashions from Sallee.

“It’s fun… it’s similar to creating clothes for women. Getting the measurements can be tricky, ”Sallee told The Gabber. “The dogs think you’re playing. They think the measuring tool is a leash and want to go outside. “

The event takes place Sunday, Feb. 6, 3-8 pm at Studios at 5663 in Pinellas Park. It’s a production presented by Sallee, Neon Dreams Productions and Pet Supplies Plus.

But really, it’s a benefit for Pet Pal Animal Shelter.

There will be no adoptable animals at the studio, but Pet Pal representatives will have a booth with photos and descriptions of animals at the shelter.

The models are rescues themselves, except for Boris, the pot-bellied pig.

“Boris was a hoot,” Salle, who measured him, said.

Boris’s owner Alicia Nunes got him from a breeder more than a month ago; she wanted him to keep her 7-year-old Vietnamese pot-bellied pig company.

Even though Boris is new to the Nunes family, he’s picked up modeling garments with ease.

“He’s very young, still developing, but he’s really very sweet. He likes his belly rubbed when I get home from work every day, ”Nunes told The Gabber.

Boris and his furry counterparts will ham it up wearing zero-waste clothing and accessories. Most of the tiny clothing is pulled from thrifted items, and the smaller dogs will wear toddler outfits.

The designs themselves are a secret saved for Sunday, but pets will wear tiny wigs from Such a Punk Pet Wigs – and lots of hearts, said the designer.

Woman in pink holding a tiny white dog
Layla Linn and her modeling Maltese.
Tailor Sallee

“And a“ Legally Blonde ”look,” Sallee hinted. “Very Elle Woods.”

Proceeds from ticket sales go to the St. Petersburg-based shelter. Sallee will also sell her modeled fashions (and more) at the Sunday event.

And quite the event it is, with live music, aerial performances, a best-dressed pet contest, and more than 20 animal-related vendors.

Want tickets? Here’s how to get ’em.

Pitbull in a pink bandanna
Tailor Sallee

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