FSU basketball gets right against Lipscomb, wins in blow out fashion

Tallahassee, FL- After losing three straight games for the first time since the 2019 season, the Florida State basketball team found their rhythm in a dominant win over Lipscomb, 97-60. This was a much needed win that will hopefully give some momentum to the time as they head into the holiday season portion.

FSU started the game aggressively, led by Anthony Polite, but visitors to Nashville, Tennessee started the game by doing what they do best: doing three. The Bisons (yes, they have an “s” on it) entered the competition making nearly 38% of the season with four regular contributors reaching over 39%. True to form, Lipscomb made his first four attempts from over the arc to take a 14-12 lead.

However, Polite continued to put on an early show. Mired in a shooting crisis, Polite made his presence felt on both ends of the pitch. Skipping the passing lanes, pushing the pace, finishing by contact and even hitting a three, the fifth year guard started the game by scoring 12 of the FSU’s first 17 points, keeping the ‘Noles in it for the first 8 minutes.

When Polite went to the bench for a well-deserved break, another veteran stepped forward to continue the momentum: Malik Osborne. Easily the most consistent player for the Seminoles this season, Osborne completed consecutive plays and-1s and then followed them with a three-ball corner hole. Combine this with a flurry of deflections, steals and blocks from long defenders like Cam’Ron Fletcher, John Butler and Rayquan Evans and suddenly an FSU lead of 20-18 rose to 36-23 with 5:37 remaining in the half.

Fletcher added a free throw after a flagrant foul, but from there FSU’s attack got some respite. With Caleb Mills “Hammed out” with two fouls in the first half and injuries on the rise (Matthew Cleveland missed the game for what were only described as “medical reasons, Wyatt Wilkes left the game with what appeared to be a back injury. hand, Tanor Ngom still out), the Seminoles pulled out a lineup that included Harrison Prieto and Justin Lindner. They weren’t very successful. But Osborne scored three more with just over a minute left and Wilkes was back on the pitch. to finish a reverse layup one possession later and the ‘Noles went at half-time with a comfortable 44-28 lead.

Having jumped ahead in both Syracuse and South Carolina defeats, the start of the second verse seemed like a critical moment for a Florida state team still learning to win. Consider this game a step in the right direction. Polite continued his breakout game, unloading a three from the top of the key and then followed up with another bucket just a couple of possessions later.

From there, the whole team decided to get out of their recent crisis. Freshmen John Butler got the second and third sets of the match, while other freshmen Jalen Warley only got the second of the season (but perhaps it’s worth noting that they both finished in the last two games). Lipscomb moved to a 2-3 zone hoping to confuse the Seminoles, but to no avail. Fletcher has made his first three since donning the mask and Evans has also entered the scene. For the under 12s the advantage was 70-37 and the game was essentially over.

Educato was the undisputed leader, finishing with a career high of 25 points on 10-14 shots from the field, 2-3 of which from depth. He added 3 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals for a great all-round game. Osborne, Butler, Fletcher and Wilkes joined Polite in double digits, with Butler adding a career high of 7 rebounds to go along with his career high of 11 points.

In a vacuum, this victory isn’t all that noteworthy in and of itself. Being home, it probably won’t be more than a quadruple win on FSU’s tournament resume (although the 37-point margin will definitely help the computer metrics). However, for this group of players, it’s possible that this was just what the doctor ordered. Their last game at the Tucker Center, a rare conference defeat, the Seminoles had an all-time poor shooting performance, and it did not fare much better in last weekend’s defeat to South Carolina. Seeing the ball pass through the basket is important for a team that is still finding their balance and hopefully the 14-26 three-point shot is just what the doctor ordered.

The win brings FSU to 6-4 during the season. The Seminoles will look to continue winning on Saturday with a neutral match against UCF. The tip is at 3:30.

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