From feminine, to macho, to unisex… what’s invading the world of fashion?

There was a time when Men and Women dressed exactly alike (the clothing brand was called Fig Leaf) and it was all the rage in the Garden of Eden. But then a snake came along and introduced this couple to lust, greed and vanity, leading to the desire to get more and more clothes, with separate locker rooms behind two large rocks labeled Him and Her. And suddenly the two emerged. sexes, dressed quite differently from each other.

Leather garments were initially very popular (many tigers and cheetahs were killed for their patterns). Then some creative cavemen came up with an idea when they saw the leftovers
claws and teeth after a big party. And he put them in chains that the women wore around their necks and wrists. The men took the remaining tails and tied them around theirs
life. And this is how fashion for women and men was born.

Women began to look more and more delicate and felt feminine; men began to look more and more rude and felt macho. And since men have had to fight a lot to fight
wars, something exclusively male was invented called trousers to allow them to sit comfortably on horses.

Soon the women got bored sitting in their caves and started hanging out, but they realized they needed to carry around a lot of feminine things. A boy whose ancestor was
called Gucci saw a dead crocodile and thought about making something called handbag. Many women were so grateful that it coincided with a’s invention
carry-all stick that made lips red in an instant.

Then came the invention of shoes. Men were content to wear heavy old boots for years; but women craved several couples, especially after a brilliant young caveman
called Prada invented a concept called high heels which appealed to endless women. Several centuries passed; women’s clothes became sexier: sometimes the hems went up, sometimes the neck went down. Men’s clothing hasn’t changed much, although around 40 BC, Greek men briefly tried to wear sheets as garments to attend the Senate, but this trend didn’t spread. By far, the men were simply left with any garment that had a minimum of two legs to enter.

Many more centuries later, a phenomenon called denim was invented. A Hollywood movie star named James Dean (the anagram of his name was Made Jeans) made it a very fashionable type of pant to wear. Women went crazy for jeans too, and suddenly feminine blue jeans became a rage, especially when paired with a white shirt.
Back in Bollywood, a movie star named Salman Khan made it fashionable to take off his white shirt in public. What a piece of meat, exclaimed several fans. Then Lady Gaga stunned the fashion world by wearing a garment made of real flesh sewn together … though thankfully animal rights groups have put an end to that. Of course, being “trendy” didn’t just mean clothing and shoes: it extended to hair, watches, underwear, luggage, condoms, cars, food, perfume … Yes, perfume. Once considered an entirely feminine thing, men also wanted to smell fabulous, and not like yesterday’s socks, so a series of men’s fragrances were invented. Although the advertising industry has given them macho names like Savage and Beast to allow
guys to maintain an aura of masculinity …

A famous designer Ralph Lauren said: “Fashion is something that comes from within”. So does the undigested food from the previous day. This explained some of the
hideous stuff that came out in international fashion weeks. Ramp modeling has become a major source of employment for women over 7 feet tall and weighing around 46kg. Having a stern expression was mandatory. Some men got jealous of this feminine bastion and even stormed the ramp, struturing, though they couldn’t make much progress at Victoria’s Secret shows.

Suddenly one word swept away the gender differences in fashion in one fell swoop. That word is “unisex”. Male, female, or anyone else in the vast area in between, it began
wearing each other’s clothes, hair, makeup, jewelry, shoes … (okay, maybe not wearing each other’s underwear, although I know some secret cases). Crossdressing, cosplay, shemale fashion, shemale clothing, ambisexuals, unigarments, have invaded the fashion world. And that’s why it’s perfectly fashionable now that men wear saris and bracelets at cocktail parties and women shave their heads and wear ties to board meetings.

At the end of the day, or even mid-afternoon, there’s really nothing like style and shopping isn’t it folks, no matter what the gender, no matter if you’re making a fashion statement or just stretching your credit. card statement. This business also has a buzzword to justify it all, called Retail Therapy. I just wish this form of life-saving therapy was covered by my health insurance policy.

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