From Antonio Brown to Aaron Rodgers talent trumps all in NFL

This is what you get.

This is what you get.
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Antonio Brown needs help. But we know that in the same way we know how good he is at football. This season, we discovered that Aaron Rodgers is a “critical thinker” who believes he is the smartest person in any room. He is also extremely good.

On Sunday, both men who play the two most glamorous positions in football and who both endangered countless lives during the pandemic due to their deception, had two completely different days that pointed to one of the league’s biggest problems: the convenient amnesia.

For all the conversations taking place this week on TV, sports radio and social media about Brown and the help he so badly needs due to his decision to strip down and go off the pitch on Sunday during the third quarter of the Bucs game with the Jets, I hope the story of the many people who turned a blind eye to all the things that led up to this moment are held responsible.

When Brown showed us who he was in Pittsburgh, the Raiders jumped at the opportunity to catch him. When his time with the Raiders ended in drama, Bill Belichick picked up the phone and made it happen in New England. And just when we thought it was over, Tom Brady and Bruce Arians stepped forward to come up with more excuses for him.

To be clear, we may never know if mental health issues are solely responsible for why Brown has done all the things we know – and believe – he has done over the years. It’s not up to me to diagnose him or connect the dots between his mind and his actions.


What we do know is that Brown’s immense talent and his ability to help teams win football matches are the only reason these franchises have kept betting on him.

I have always agreed with the idea that the same rules cannot be applied to everyone and that exceptions are made for exceptional people. However, with that comes some responsibility. And when it comes to Brown, the teams used him strictly for his physical talents while knowing they would be done with him as soon as he became a distraction a back grab couldn’t suppress.

Another conversation will take place this week and will be about Rodgers ‘MVP nomination after Sunday went 29-of-38 for 288 yards and two touchdowns in the Packers’ 37-10 win over Vikings, which clinched the No. 1 seed. in the NFC for Green Bay.

After a 2020 season that was nearly destroyed by the pandemic and an offseason where Rodgers played chicken with the Packers front office, the unvaccinated quarterback who lied about being vaccinated and lost the week 9 game of Green Bay because he was on the NFL / COVID list reservation, is the front-runner for professional football’s highest solo award after a year of practically giving the middle finger to society, league and science … all because he’s really good at throwing a ball.

I’m not here to discuss Rodgers’ resume, as his game was worthy of being named his most valuable player. But I’m here to ask the question that no one wants to say out loud.

Why does the NFL agree to be a league that allows its best players to get away with just about anything?

The answer is money.

As long as Brown can follow a better path than most other league receivers and Rodgers can continue to play better than most quarterbacks on Sunday, the NFL is perfectly comfortable with them.

The League has decided. Now is the time for the fans to decide for themselves. Because in the future, a child will ask his parents, teachers or coaches why men like Antonio Brown and Aaron Rodgers can keep getting away with things like that. And that parent, teacher, or coach won’t have an answer that makes sense in the future because nothing has ever been done about it in the past.


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