Friends set up fashion business in lockdown that now sells out every season

Two friends from Southport have launched a lockdown fashion brand that sells out every season.

After being fired at the start of the pandemic and worried about a potential layoff, cabin crew Francesca, 27, and mortgage consultant Laura, 29, set out to embark on their ultimate dream of creating a brand of fashion.

Aspiring fashion creators, who have been friends since high school, were blown away by the response their venture received.

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With no previous experience in the fashion industry, creating a clothing brand was a huge risk for the couple.

After months of designing their designs and perfecting their first collection, they launched The Nuevo Edit in August 2020.

Their success was immediate, with the brand proving to be an instant hit with fashion bloggers and social media fans.

Laura said: “Fran and I have been friends for over 10 years. We went to the same high school and have always been on the same level when it comes to fashion.

“We always show up at social occasions wearing the same things, so when we got fired, we decided to dedicate our time to an exciting new adventure.”

Nuevo Edit focuses on timeless, classic and neutral garments, with the hope that they will stay in your wardrobe for years to come.

Laura continued: “We don’t focus on trendy clothes or disposable fashion. All our collections – past and present – are designed to form your capsule collection.

“You can mix and match the pieces to create a variety of neutral and timeless dresses that are transitional for different seasons.”

Of their success, Laura added: “We have both invested our savings in this project – that when you’ve already been fired and are in the midst of a pandemic with so many unknowns, it’s very scary.

“But the response has been incredible – we have had fashion bloggers with hundreds of thousands of followers who have reached out to collaborate – and our collections sell out every season.”

You can purchase The Nuevo Edit here.

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