Frazer Clarke is ‘Britain’s next heavyweight superstar’ as timing is perfect, says promoter Ben Shalom | Boxing News

Frazer Clarke can become “Britain’s next heavyweight superstar” when he starts his professional career at the perfect time, says promoter Ben Shalom.

The exciting powerhouse of Team GB has signed an exclusive long-term promotional deal to join the ranks of the pros with BOXXER and Sky Sports early next year.

Having returned from Tokyo with an Olympic bronze medal, Clarke is now hoping to make a big impact in the top division and will plan her path to a world title with Shalom.

The start of something special?

Frazer Clarke: “I feel the best I’ve ever felt. The people I’m working with at Loughborough University are going out of their way to make sure I’m more than ready to go. I have great people over there, great facilities.

“The training plan is in place. I’ll be more than ready by February if it’s time to go.

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Clarke and Richard Riakporhe have already faced hundreds of rounds together

“I have to be moved correctly, not fast. It’s a learning process. I had to let go of my ego, let go of everything. Forget everything I’ve done in amateurs. It’s time to refocus, a new challenge for me to acquire new skills.”

Ben Shalom: “I’ve had some big signings in the past few weeks, some big moments, some big announcements, but heavyweight boxing is the most exciting division.

Frazer Clarke, Ben Shalom
Clarke will plan her career with promoter Ben Shalom

“That’s what fans love and we think we have the next British heavyweight superstar. He could have gone anywhere, he could have signed for anyone, so crossing the finish line is fantastic.

“He is a fighter that everyone can relate to, any sports fan. I think we will start to see his personality emerge in the next six months. Everyone in boxing already knows about his personality, but we think everyone else will love him.”

Should we expect a busy schedule in 2022?

Frazer Clarke: “We will do things the right way, the right way and, along the way, create such a good buzz and hopefully bring people from all corners of England over there.

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Clarke was thrilled to aim for the titles after returning from Tokyo with a bronze medal

“This is sports entertainment. I want to have a good night, up and down the country. It creates a buzz.

“If the big Frazer is in the club, you’ll have a good night. It’s that simple.”

Ben Shalom: “We will take him around the country, building his profile. The fans will really take him.

“This is what I’m most excited about: getting it out there, on big shows and getting it in front of the fans. They have a new heavyweight to be excited about.

“I think what we have is a ready-made heavyweight. Yes, we’ll be making smart moves, but he’s been a seasoned amateur. He’s been training very well for the past 5-10 years and he’s coming fresh and his style suits professional play. .

“He doesn’t want to joke. He wants to be in competitive fights at the beginning. We will see someone in the next two or three years, they will be competing.”

Will you seek advice from Anthony Joshua?

Frazer Clarke: “He texted after the Olympics, congratulating me, and when I signed with 258 (Joshua’s management company), obviously that got us a little closer. He was over the moon for me and happy for me.

Frazer Clarke
Clarke hopes to follow in Anthony Joshua’s footsteps

“I made it clear that he is someone whose career I am really trying to emulate. I have seen him from day one and I have seen the work he has done and the way he has progressed. The way he has been moved and matched is It was, for me, one of the best careers I have seen in boxing. I have been a fan of boxing for a long time.

“He’s at the end of a phone and he’s one of those people who’ve been there and done it. I’d be stupid to have that access to him and not use that advice. It’ll definitely be a phone call I’m looking forward to.”

An exciting new era for the heavyweight?

Frazer Clarke: “I think the guys at the top have done great things right now. I feel they are going to come to a stage where there is no one else to fight with.

“Then it’s up to the next harvest, for us to come back rejuvenated and put that energy we already have in the division and have some good fights.”

Ben Shalom: “He has everything to go through with. There are champions around, but he is going to make it. In the next 12-18 months, there will be great opportunities for him.

“He has all the experience he needed and he got his Olympic medal, which he always wanted. He has had many wins in the amateurs. He won Commonwealth gold, now he has his Olympic medal. The timing is perfect.” .

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