Four-star RB Jovantae Barnes discusses his three finalists

BUENA VISTA LAKE, Florida – Jovantae Barnes is ready to announce his commitment to the Under Armor All-America Game on Sunday and three schools remain in the running.

It will be Oklahoma, USC or Florida State for the four-star return from Las Vegas (Nev.) Desert Pines.

After Wednesday’s evening training, Barnes has broken down his three finalists and what stands out in each program:

On DeMarco Murray staying in Oklahoma: “It is really important. Everything really explains itself. Being from Las Vegas and his best schools were actually USC and Oklahoma. Being a West Coast guy, you expect him to choose SC, so there had to be something down there in OU that made him choose it. This is what he showed me. He’s been hard on me ever since Lincoln (Riley) walked away and made it known that he loves Lincoln, that’s all respect, they’re still brothers but at the end of the day they were big before him. I looked at it, paid attention, and took that into account too.

“It speaks volumes (that Murray remained in Oklahoma). Just by looking at him, you can tell that it means everything he said from the start. Long before Lincoln left and he was there, when he got the job he said it was a special place and he would never leave. That was a chance to see if he would go away and had other opportunities and he still hasn’t. This is the utmost respect for him and I pay attention to little things like that. “



On his recent visit to USC: “It was amazing. During the visit you could definitely notice the difference between the old staff with (Clay) Helton and the new staff with Riley. It’s just different. I know it brought a lot of people from OU that I already knew, so I saw a lot of the same faces but at the same time there was a different energy.

“I’ve been going to SC since I was in eighth grade so I felt the vibe and knowing the place like the back of my hand I was a little unsure, but when I took it back with Lincoln, I was like, ‘Oh my God , this is at the top of my list now. I really have to consider this. ”

“As soon as they hired (Tashard) Choice (who has since left for Texas) I was like I was back aboard with them, so it sure made a big difference.



On Florida State and her relationship with former assistant manager Kenny Dillingham, among others: “I love the state of Florida. Florida is my home. Just by finding a school I loved in Florida, I had to pay close attention and see what they have that I really love. That was probably my best visit of all five of my five.

“It was just energy. Kenny and I still have a good bond and he’s in Oregon. He said, “I’ll always be a fan of yours no matter where you go and if you don’t come to my school I’ll keep it real with you.” He was telling me when he was there that he couldn’t promise he would be there, but that he would recruit me while he was there and he’s trying to take me wherever he goes. We have that big brother relationship.

“I was dating CJ Campbell the appearance and was treated like he already has a scholarship and I pay attention to little things like that because I don’t pay attention to the guys who have already got it because they are not working as hard as he is. People loved him and treated him with respect, he was no different. Trainer (David Johnson), trainer (Mike) Norvell, I love those guys, so the state of Florida was great.


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