Former Sex and the City Stand-In Calls Chris Noth as “Toxic”

A former replacement actress on HBO’s Sex and city is talking about his alleged experience with Chris Noth.

In an essay originally published by The independent in February, actress heather kristina, which he said was a replacement for Christine Davis for four seasons, she claimed that an “alpha male” actor “mistreated” her and spoke negatively of a co-worker in her presence.

Now, in an updated version of the essay published on Thursday, December 23, Kristin names Noth as an actor.

According to Kristin, Noth exhibited “toxic behavior” on set, claiming that he once “slipped his hand down my back and onto my butt”.

“I was in my 20s and had worked as an extra on movie sets for over a decade; I had never been mistreated,” she continued. “‘This is your place, darling,’ said Noth, getting even closer.”

Kristin said she needed the job, so she continued to work with Noth and did her best to “stay out of her path”, but ultimately defended herself when he behaved inappropriately towards her. and another crew member.

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